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Lil Meech Gets Caught Cheating on Ring Camera, “I Can’t Help My Cousin with the Groceries”- Summer Walker Calls it Quits on Social Media

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Lil Meech gets caught cheating on Summer Walker. 

Earlier this week, Summer Walker placed on her social media that she can’t do that cheating stuff. 

Then went on to explain that she hopes the best for Lil Meech. Many people took it as the couple officially calling it quits. 

Now, there has been footage of the allege cheating, showing Lil Meech being invited into an apartment with a woman who is not Summer Walker. 

The video, vividly shows Lil Meech and the mystery woman stepping into the apartment through another person ring camera. 

Lil Meech Gets Caught Cheating on Summer Walker 

After the video beings to be circled around the internet Summer Walker writes another post on IG stating how she doesn’t understand men. 

She continues to comment that a n*gga will pursue you for 2 years, meet your family and embarrass you to the world. 

Summer Walker Says She Doesn’t Understand Men on IG Post

Lil Meech gets caught cheating

It seems as though, Lil Meech wanted to share his side of things by explaining what “really” took place. 

Lil Meech tries to pled his case in stating that he was helping his cousin with the groceries. 

Lil Meech Pleads His Case of the Allege Cheating Rumors

Many people are not beleiving the excuse that Lil Meech is giving when he states that he was helping his cousin with the groceries. 

In fact, most people are wondering where were the groceries if he was in fact helping his cousin. 

Twitter had a lot to say about the situation and the fact that Lil Meech is just like every other man that lies. 

Here’s What Twitter Had to Say About Lil Meech Cheating Allegations

Do you believe that Lil Meech was really helping his cousin with the groceries? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 



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