Living the Clearwater Lifestyle and Everything that Involves

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You will find Clearwater, Florida if you visit Pinellas County. It’s north of Saint Peterburg and west of Tampa. If you’re in Clearwater looking west, you’ll see the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll find Tampa Bay directly southeast as well. That’s just the beginning of the Clearwater lifestyle. 

Pinellas County sees about 4% of Florida’s car accidents, so you must watch yourself when driving there. You must also take care when out on the ocean since huge waves can sometimes pound Clearwater’s beaches.

Though these possible dangers lurk, most people who live there love Clearwater. The tourists who visit every season also find plenty that appeals.

Let’s discuss the Clearwater lifestyle in more detail right now. You might move there after hearing what it’s like, or you may at least visit the next time you have vacation days coming up.

The Biker Life

Many motorcycle owners like Clearwater and live there. If you have a Harley or something similar, you can find your people there. You’ll see many biker bars and custom bike shops where you can talk shop with like-minded individuals.

The Beaches

The Clearwater beaches have some legendary surfing. If you like hopping on your board and challenging the waves, you might like this area.

You can also rent a boat and get out on the water. You may buy a boat as well. You can dock it in one of the many marinas when you’re not using it. 

If you have a smaller boat, you can also use your driveway when you need storage. You will see many boats in Clearwater driveways if you roll around town.

You can fish and catch many species, or you might just sail around and enjoy the sun and the wind blowing through your hair. Make sure you bring plenty of sunblock, though, especially during the day’s hottest hours. Clearwater summer days can easily pass 90 degrees, especially if there’s no cloud cover protecting the residents and tourists.

The Food

You will find many tasty restaurants if you explore Clearwater. As you might expect, you can get some great seafood. It’s fresh and sometimes caught just a few hours before it hits your plate.

You can get crabcakes or lobster. You’ll find many fresh fish restaurants as well. You might get tuna or swordfish fried in breadcrumbs with a little lemon for zest.

A diet with plenty of seafood meals helps you stay fit. You should also enjoy the Hawaiian and Cuban food. Many former Cuban nationals live there, and they’ve brought their native dishes with them.

You can also try out your cooking skills while living in Clearwater. If you catch fish, you can bring them home and fry them up. You might become a gourmet chef this way.

The Sports

You can also enjoy some professional sports while living in Clearwater. You won’t find major league teams there, but you will find some close by. For instance, you might visit Tampa Bay.

You can get there by car in under an hour. Usually, it takes about 35-40 minutes, depending on traffic. During the tourist season, it can take a little longer.

While in Tampa Bay, you can catch a Buccaneers game if they’re in town. Former quarterback Tom Brady retired, but the team now has Baker Mayfield and shows promise this year.

You can see a Tampa Bay Lightning game if you like hockey. The team won multiple Stanley Cups recently and usually makes the playoffs.

The Tampa Bay Rays often contend in the American League East. They haven’t won a World Series yet, but they’ve come close multiple times.

What About Sports You Can Play Yourself?

You will also find some great golf courses in and around Clearwater. Some of them require membership, but many let nonmembers play. You can challenge some friends and get an early tee time before the sun gets too hot.

You might play tennis or pickleball. You can also join a softball league. You’ll find some fanatic softball players around Clearwater. If you’d prefer an indoor sport that’s out of the sun, you can bowl or do some indoor minigolf.

What About Staying Fit in Other Ways?

If you don’t like competitive sports so much, you might visit some of the many public parks that Clearwater offers. You can walk on one of the paths or jog if you want a more significant workout. You might bring your dog if they need some exercise as well.

You can run, walk, or ride your bike around Clearwater with your friends or family members. This way, you can all stay fit together. You can motivate each other and get some sun. Too much can harm you, but just a little gives you some Vitamin D, which doctors agree you need.

You Can Retire There

You can lead a very active lifestyle if you make Clearwater your home. You can do so when you’re young or middle-aged, but you can also retire there. Some individuals do, and the many condos and apartment complexes might appeal.

A Clearwater retirement means you’re likely around individuals your own age. You can locate an active adult community there if you like.

These communities have festive events all the time, like singles mixers. If you’re not married or romantically involved, you can meet other seniors by attending these events. You can also make friends this way.

The retirement communities often have prime locations with restaurants, public parks, and golf courses nearby. You might enjoy spending your Golden Years in or around Clearwater. You can lie out on the beach, read a book, or take a nap while the breeze blows in from the ocean.

Many enjoy the Clearwater lifestyle, and the longer you live there, the more you’ll find that appeals. You might not feel convinced yet by what you’ve read, but you can visit first and get an in-person perspective.

You’ll likely find the activities we’ve mentioned enticing. Everyone has a smile around Clearwater. They know they’re living the good life.

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