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Three Key Trends In The Korean Beauty Industry In 2024

Korean Beauty Trends
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The Korean beauty industry is renowned for its innovation and influence. It, thus, comes to no surprise that the growing sector continues to shape global beauty trends. This year, we will be seeing quite a few trends that will shape the Korean beauty industry (and the global industry overall). Currently, we see that double cleansing has become a cornerstone of skincare routines, which multiple brands are capitalizing on. Moreover, with consumers demanding more personalization in their everyday lives, we see a significant increase in indie fragrances. Lastly, the fusion of beauty and technology is also vastly transforming the industry, introducing smart and cutting-edge skincare solutions. This blog will discuss these trends more in-depth and how they reflect the dynamic nature of Korean beauty.

To Be Squeaky Clean

Cleansers have always been a significant category in Korean Skincare, with Korean drug stores (Olive Young)  even dedicating separate shelf sections for them. It comes as no surprise that current and upcoming K beauty brands are launching new cleanser types left and right. Interestingly, balm and oil cleansers have become more and more popular due to the rising interest in double cleansing (the act of using water-based and foam-based cleansers to ensure a squeaky clean face). Moreover, brands have also been mixing multiple ingredients, targeting multiple skin issues at once. For example, the brand Jumiso’s new cleaning oil is rich in vitamin E and niacinamide, targeting dull skin and hyperpigmentation.

Smelling Cozy: The Popularity of Indie Fragrances

The act of personalization has always been at the heart of Korean consumer culture, and this trend has also moved towards the fragrance industry. Over the past five years, this market has seen a significant shift towards ‘indie labels’ that particularly appeal to Millennials and Gen Z. Such niche brands attempt to target them by offering more personal and home fragrances, specifically focusing on fabric sprays and candles. A lot of these brands also offer wellness-oriented scented hair and body care products. Not only do these brands aim to create a ‘natural vibe’, but they also focus on creating a cozy atmosphere for the consumer, which they can experience in their daily, busy lives.

The Fusion of Technology and Beauty

It is a fact that Korea is the leading manufacturer in beauty tech and soon, the world will follow their footsteps. Multiple Korean beauty brands aim to present the perfect fusion between beauty and technology by creating innovative smart skincare solutions. Ranging from electronic beauty devices for hair removal to skincare additions, it is the LED products that particularly stand out. These products aim to stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth, something which is becoming of increasing importance to a great portion of consumers. Such devices could eventually be complementary or even a substitute to ‘normal’ clinic treatments, making such services even more easily accessible.

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