Interview With Dondria – Discussing Love With Parlé

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Our interview with Dondria led to an interesting conversation on love and relationships.  Dondria admitted that she has been in a committed relationship for the last 3 years, so we just wanted to get her opinions on the number one topic of R&B music.  Here’s what she had to say during our interview with R&B songstress Dondria.

Parlé: What do you think is the biggest motivation for R&B songstress Dondria when it comes to writing songs?

Dondria: Probably love…

Parlé: That’s a perfect segway into my next segment for this interview with Dondria. How do you feel about love, in general?

Dondria: I… am a believer of it. If you have it, it’s one of the most amazing things that you can acquire; true love that is. And, I am in a relationship, I’ve been in one for three years, and there’s a lot of influence in my songs, even if I dislike it, I still think of, him.

Parlé: And that’s the good and the bad to love, and the songs that you write about it.

Dondria: Yeah.

Parlé: What was the biggest experience you’ve had, with love?

Dondria: Ummm, probably my biggest experience… It’s funny because my first single is “You’re The One,” and it’s talking about how I don’t believe we’re put together, not to be together, I don’t believe there’s anyone out there that can love me better. And then I go on to saying I’m sorry for treating you the way I’ve treated you. I know that you’re the one. I guess like, let’s start over, let’s do it right. And I have been in that situation before where I haven’t treated him, the way that he should’ve been treated, or appreciated him as much as I should have. So that song speaks to me.

Parlé: Yeah I think that’s a real, real good song. And after listening to the words more. It’s deep.

Dondria: Thanks!

Parlé: Alright so you have that song, tell me about the second one, “Shawty Wus Up,” with Jonta Austin and Diamond.

Dondria: It’s more fun, and flirty, just to give you another side of R&B songstress Dondria, because I am going to be singing a lot about love and relationships, but it doesn’t always have to be so serious. It’s just a fun song and video. It’s real. I’m in rehearsal, trying to see if I can go to this party, and that’s where I flirt with this dude and I’m just like shawty wus up, like I’m trying to holla at him. I just think it’s a fun song, you can play it in the club and you can play it on the way to the club. (Laughs) it’s just a fun song!

Parlé: Ok so you have that song out…What would you say is, the best way, because I know you’re in a relationship so this may be difficult to answer, but, what’s the best way to approach you, and what’s the worst way you could be approached?

Dondria: Umm…

Parlé: I know it’s hard ’cause I don’t want to say if you “Wasn’t in a relationship,” but, I’ve gotten different responses from different females with this question.

Dondria: Yeah…I think the worst way, is to be overbearing and a “bugaboo,” and when you show interest in me, either I have interest or I don’t, and (Laughing) all the extra stuff is really just pushing me away. And on the other hand, I love a sense of humor so if you could make me laugh. I love food so, taking me out to eat I think it would be a great way for us to get to know each other.

Parlé: But what if you can’t talk because you’re eating so much? Then what happens?

Dondria: I don’t think… (Laughs) I don’t think that it will be that serious. And either way, it’s probably drinks, then appetizers, then the meal, and then dessert so, between, or while we’re having drinks, or on our way back home, somewhere in there we’ll get to talk.

Parlé: What about the approach when a guy first meets R&B songstress Dondria? Are you the type that likes the “Hey ma” kind of thing?

Dondria: Noooo, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t like that. My name is Dondria. But it depends, if they come to me very respectful, or if I’m not feeling them, with me being in a relationship, I’ll probably be like ‘Thank you, you’re cute, but, no thanks,’ but I won’t act cranky to them.

Parlé: How do you feel about women approaching men?

Dondria: If that’s what they want to do, I don’t mind it. I guess it’s just the way that you approach guys, because some women just throw it all out there and they do it in a more sexual way rather than talk to you or whatever. But I have never approached a guy.

Parlé: That’s the shy part again or R&B songstress Dondria?

Dondria: Probably…

Parlé: That’s cool. I really get the vibe that you are, not a regular girl obviously, but like a girl next door.

Dondria: (Laughs) Yeah…

Parlé: And what would you say is one of the worst situations you’ve been in since you’ve been in a relationship?

Dondria: I guess just, no matter how small it is, if you can’t do it in front of your mate, then it’s probably wrong.

Parlé: Like cheating?

Dondria: Not even that… Obviously cheating, but like, flirting. If you wouldn’t flirt with a guy in front of your boyfriend then you’re probably doing something wrong, or the way that you flirt.

Parlé: What would you consider to be flirting?

Dondria: It depends, like if you don’t know the person, and you’re just giggly and smiling or whatever, I think that’s fine, but if you start to develop something with the person or maybe you see them more often and the conversation becomes more in-depth…

Parlé: That’s like crossing the line?

Dondria: Yeah so, I guess just to be careful with that…

Parlé: So what’s the best thing about love would you say?

Dondria: I guess the feeling. I mean it’s such a fulfilling thing, it’s soooo refreshing.

Parlé: Does everything feel a little bit more balanced?

Dondria: Yeah.

Parlé: Definitely?

Dondria: Yeah.


Interview with Dondria image credit: Instagram


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