I Am The West… Ice Cube album review



After a myriad of albums and hits, Ice Cube, recently released his ninth project, I Am the West. It is befitting of the West Coast flavor that has been exhibited on previous efforts with relevant rhymes and production. On “Soul on Ice,” Cube raps about his staying power in the industry, whereas with the Bangladesh tailored piece “She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own,” Cube takes a backseat (you still hear him) letting rappers Doughboy and OMG takeover the cut. Elements of old school Cube ring throughout the bumpin’ “Too West Coast,” featuring his cohort, WC and the corporate tale, “Hood Robbin.”

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I Am the West’s subject matter is predominately put together for diehards of the LA native. On “I Rep the West,” Ice Cube speaks on vanity and money. The output from the chorus is lacking, but the flow is emphatically Cube. It hearkens to a style not seen since 1993’s Lethal Injection. “Only In LA,” is a smooth and laid back biography on the sunshine city and is I Am West’s monumental achievement.


I Am the West definitely presents a different approach for Ice Cube. It is his only independently released album, being released under his own label and did not incorporate a marketing plan or any set tone. The only problem is that it is bound to attract little appeal amongst new listeners of his sound and those who were looking for the Ice Cube of yesteryear.


I Am the West receives a PAR







PARL…Kinda Great



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