Hot Rod – The Most Important Part of G-Note Records

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Rapper Hot Rod Makes His Mark On 50 Cent

Get the engines in your ears ready for revolutions per minute and blast the voice of G-Note’s Hot Rod at the most ignorant decibels. After years in the garage of 50 Cent’s G-Unit records, Hot Rod is ready to dust off the ashes and shine like candy-paint as the lead artist of the recently formed G-Note Records. Being in the shadows and behind the list of many others has its downside but for Hot Rod the bright side is near. Opportunity sure does come once in a lifetime and Rod is ready to show that not only is he is prepared to win, but he is definitely a contender. Parlé Magazine got a chance to step into the garage and take a ride with the Hot Rod.


Parlé Magazine:  You’re coming out with your debut album called My Life
Hot Rod: Yeah, I should release by the first quarter.


Parlé:  What are listeners going to get on this debut album?
Hot Rod: You’re going to get that real feel good, up-tempo, stress free music. It’s something that will brighten up your day. You know the good, positive shit.


Parlé:  How does it feel to finally debut?
Hot Rod:  I’ve been signed for six years and it feels great. I got signed off of demos and I wasn’t educated on the industry. Going through all the things that I went through I realized I had to be more involved in my career. I’m more involved in my promotion and marketing. I was learning before and now I’m like a boss.


Parlé:  Do you have creative control over your music?
Hot Rod:  I have complete creative control. I reach out to other people for their input but I came to 50 Cent with this whole project. My team and I put it together and he [50 Cent] received it well and I was the head of the creative side of it.


Parlé:  Does 50 Cent play a role in the making of your music?
Hot Rod:  He has ideas as well; there are a couple joints on the album where he gave me ideas. Ultimately, it is a team effort.  When you’re dealing with a situation like this you have a lot of players playing a role.


Parlé:  You’re the premier artist on G-Note Records, is there any pressure knowing what 50 have done with G-Unit?
Hot Rod: I feel like I deserve the pressure that is put on me because I have so much my confidence in myself as an artist. I’m able to create and carry the torch for the label. I’m very fortunate and grateful for the situation that I have been put in and with G-Note I’m going to make it happen.


Parlé:  Having traveled overseas, do you think that it is a better market?
Hot Rod: It’s not necessarily better but it is bigger. You’re touching so many other different markets and that’s why I like it over there. The people over there actually focus on the music and they don’t really care much about the hype.


Parlé:  How did touring overseas influence your sound?
Hot Rod: It opened my mind to another sound. Sometimes you have to change your environment to do things in different ways. I really liked the Techno and House music sound and made myself a hybrid through that.


Parlé:  Describe your sound for someone who might not be familiar.
Hot Rod: My sound is a new sound. It is a fusion of Techno, House, Rock and Hip-Hop. I think I’m a pioneer with the music that I’m making.


Parlé:  Who are some of the people who influenced you?
Hot Rod: I listen to a lot of the deejays overseas like DJ Tiesto, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Afro Jack and DJ Chuckie.


Parlé:  What would be your dream collaboration?
Hot Rod: Drake.


Parlé:  What’s the reason behind, My Life, album title?
Hot Rod: My motto is every night is Friday night. We’re on this earth to live life and pretty much go H.A.M. That’s why the album is party oriented and about the positive outlook of life.


Want more Hot Rod?

Facebook: OfficialHotRod
Twitter: @officialhotrod



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