Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Erica Dixon – Not Just Another Reality Show Girl

VH1’s latest reality show, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has introduced the viewing world to Erica Dixon. But rest assured, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Erica Dixon is not just another reality show girl.  This woman is one tough cookie and she knows what she wants out of life and for herself. On the show Erica was introduced as the mother of rapper Lil’ Scrappy’s child. We first see the couple living together after Lil’ Scrappy moves in with Erica to work on their relationship as parents and lovers. She is portrayed as laid back, ambitious and willing to work out their relationship. One can only root for Erica since she has become a lovable staple on the show.  In a recent conversation with Erica, she touched on her portrayal on the show, being a positive role model, her aspirations and growing up without a relationship with her parents.  Now that we know her a bit more, we like her even more. 



Taking the world by storm with her story, the viewers have become intrigued to know who Erica is as a person. As pertaining to her portrayal on the show, she thinks her person is a positive role model, cool, calm and collected. “I think I am the ‘good guy’ and their showing me in a positive light. I admit I showed out but they are showing me as real, a woman of faith and a loving mother.” With the drama of the other cast members on the show, Erica has to be the most positive.



The story of her upbringing was touching and easy for young girls to relate who go through the same predicament. “My parents were in my life for the first five or six years and then I was sent to New York to be raised my aunt. I used to question whether my mom loved me and wonder why she made the decision that she did.” Through all of the indecisions of her life Erica grew like a rose in mud tracks and built her spirits up on her own. “I give my daughter everything that I didn’t have as a child and I try to be there for her so she wouldn’t have to go through what I did.” 



Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon has her eyes on what’s important

After returning to Atlanta she became friends with rapper Lil’ Scrappy and from there a relationship blossomed. “We started out as friends but then we started feeling each other and decided to start dating. After his career jumped off I never thought in a million years that I would even be dating someone in the music industry.” She talks about how easy it is to get lost in the flashing lights of the industry especially as a girlfriend to a rapper. There were some difficulties but her ‘get back up’ attitude allowed her to regain herself and grow. “I was always worried about what Scrappy was doing, his appearance, how to act around people and I lost my focus on Erica and what was going on in my life.”



“I sat down and wrote what I wanted to do to get back to Erica. I wrote that I wanted to go to school and I did. I graduated with honors and started working for a doctor’s office. As I was working for the doctor’s office the opportunity to be on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta came along and I decided to jump on it.”



Erica has decided to start a boutique and become an entrepreneur. She is using the show to build her brand and show that positive people can come out of reality shows. She tells us that she gets along with all the women on the show except one (we all know who) and that she and Scrappy are no longer together but are successfully co-parenting. As for the young women, she has a message for them: “Know who you are first and know what you want. You have to know that you can have whatever you want and never let anyone tell you different. Whoever you want to be, be it.”



Look out for more big things from the Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Erica Dixon in the near future.  And check her out on twitter @MsEricaDixon.



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