Francis Orekoya – The Fashion Designer Leading The Summer of the Tiger

The year 1986 is known for many things but most importantly for being the year of the tiger. Twenty-Seven year old Francis Orekoya has taken that tiger and formed it into one the hottest apparel lines to hit the streets. It’s name “FDYNAMO1986”, both captivating and creative this clothing line is a direct representation of it’s creator Francis. Brooklyn born and Long Island raised entrepreneur had dreams of creating his own business at a very young age. His hustler ambitions began in seventh grade as he completed his first clothing transaction, it was written he would be great. Best defined by his company’s logo Francis is brave, cool, calm and collective. From T-Shirts, Sweaters and even Polo’s this brand keeps it’s customers laced with pieces of creativity designed in it’s entirety by Francis.

“I’m 100% involved in the creative process, that’s what makes me different from other brands” Francis said passionately. With the summer approaching “FDYNAMO1986” has already turned up the heat with the anticipation of the summer apparel. Deeming this summer the summer of the tiger.

The year was 1986 when Francis Orekoya was born. In  Brooklyn, NY Bushwick to be exact is where he called home for a few years before traveling to Queens. Finally landing in Long Island during the time he was in junior high school.  Francis was born into a Nigerian family that was heavily rooted in the church, going faithfully every week. Growing up Francis enjoyed playing football, drawing and doing anything creative. Francis’ stature resembles a NFL Player but isn’t your stereotypical athlete although his athletic resume is quite impressive. Football remains one of Francis’ loves, so much that he became the Malvern High School Varsity Football coach.

“FDynamo1986” was created some years ago but it was in the past two years Francis decided to take it serious. In Long Island he began, working diligently to potentially get his clothing in stores or simply seen by others in his community. However it wasn’t working. As do most entrepreneurs Francis encountered some adversity which gave him two options, give up or continue working. Francis then turned to his faith, quoting the bible scripture “A prophet must do work outside of his hometown”. Shortly after things began to fall into place, meeting his PR manager and relocating his brand to Brooklyn.
“FDYNAMO1986” can be found in about four stores, one being the “Last Minute Boutique” located on 711 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217. Francis has accomplished a great deal but still believes there’s more to go. “Sometimes when people say their proud of me although I’m grateful for it, I’m like what are you proud of I still have so much more to go” Francis said inspiringly. What’s in store for Francis you might ask, well as he has many plans for the future he’s more interested in investing one hundred percent of his time into “FDYNAMO1986”.
Francis Orekoya has the diligence, persistence, and most importantly the faith it takes to be successful. His creativity and wit combined will solely be responsible for his upcoming success. Francis’ lifestyle brand will be releasing it’s summer apparel line to consumers very soon. With the summer being known as the showoff season, FDYNAMO1986 will be seen on many. With so much variety it’ll be nearly impossible to pass up one of Francis’ funky T-Shirts or expressive Tank Tops. This summer belongs to FDYNAMO1986, the summer of the tiger.
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