Mindless Behavior – Matured, Motivated, But Still Mindless

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It’s been almost 3 years since Mindless Behavior made the quantum leap from unknown preteens to mainstream heartthrobs. Following the search by their management team to create the new age boy group, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Princeton and Prodigy found themselves launched into the limelight. They found success with their debut album, #1 Girl, sparked by the absence of similar acts in the current market, and their talent. It also helped that their debut singles, “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right” were catchy hits.

The stardom lead the guys on the road touring across the country and overseas.  After a short hiatus to end 2012, the guys got right back to work this year, performing at the Inaugural Kids Ball and then releasing their sophomore album, All Around The World with a movie documentary to compliment it, this past March.  We got a chance to talk to the guys recently while on their promo tour in New York.  Check out our interview with Mindless Behavior.

Mindless Behavior
They Grow Up Fast, Mindless Behavior

Parlé:  How to do you think you’ve grown the most since you’ve entered this business?
Ray Ray: As a group we’ve matured together and we’ve grown to be young men that make our own decisions. Some might be more mature than others, but we know how to balance it out.

Parlé:  Why’d you decide to go with the title, All Around The World, for the album?
Princeton: We travel all around the world, so basically we’re trying to bring all our fans together from all around the world.

Parlé:  At this point in your careers, what do you think is the biggest misconception about the group?
Ray Ray: The biggest misconception is that we’re extremely young and everything we do is critiqued and choreographed. We’re older now, we have our own mindsets. We’re a group, we’re one, but we’re also individuals. And we just want to let the world know that we’re not just these kids that sing and dance, we entertain like everyone else and we’re down to work. These three guys have the greatest work ethic to me.

Parlé:  Tell me about the movie that goes along with the album.
Roc Royal: Its basically a documentary, it’s called All Around The World. Its about how we formed, to us now.

Parlé:  Since the album is titled All Around The World, I just want everyone to tell me their favorite place to be in the world. It could be a city or a place.
Prodigy: I love Atlanta! I love how Southern it is. I love how nice everybody is and how everybody just wants to cook for you. And then I love the girls out there.
Parlé:  You guys rocked out at the Inaugural Kids Ball this year. How was that experience?
Ray Ray: This isn’t our first performance at in front of the President. We performed for Easter.
Princeton: We’re the first African-American group to perform for the President of the United States.
Ray Ray: The first experience, Roc ripped his pants in front of the First Family. It was super bad because the stage was higher than the crowd. The second time we had suits, but thankfully nothing went wrong.


Image design by Gianna Scarpino for Parlé

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