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Her name is Tami Latrell. She is a multi-platinum songwriter and singer. Born and raised in Houston, Texas; she’s been professionally writing since the age of 15 years old. After high school, Tami went on to attend Texas Southern University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a specialty in PR/Advertising and a minor in Business.

As a freshman in college, she worked in studios in Houston, establishing business relationships that eventually led to her inking her first co-publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing under current President of North America Creative, Big Jon Platt.

I’m sure Tami is always somewhere in a studio writing hits but, she was kind enough to do this interview. Continue reading to learn more about the talented woman who has probably written one of your favorite songs.

Parlé Magazine: Hi Tami. Thank you so much for doing this interview. You are a singer and a successful songwriter. Let’s rewind a little bit. How did your career begin?
Tami Latrell: I joined a girl group at 16 and then went solo at 17. I wrote a record called “Whatchulookinat” for my album, Whitney Houston heard it and the rest is history. Whitney released it as her first single off the Just Whitney album and it went platinum.

Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with?
Tami:  More-so as a songwriter, I’ve worked with some of the biggest producers in the business. I’ve had the chance to work with mega producers such as Soulshock & Karlin, The Ambassadorz, Lamb & Bigg D, Big Toomp, BlacElvis, FatBoi, MaddScientist, and Cameron Wallace to name a few.
Artists I have written for are Whitney Houston, Keyshia Cole, SWV, Chamillionaire, Devin The Dude, Propain, J. Xavier, J-Dawgg of Boss Hogg Outlaws, and a developing a roster of independent artists.
Parlé:  Are there any artist who you haven’t had a chance to work with that you would really love to work with?
Tami:  I want to work with Ne-Yo. He gives me life. He is a genius in his own right, maintains classic writing and is an even more outstanding performer. He also can write the hell out of some female anthems, okay!!!
I also would love to work with Beyonce. She has held the game down for years now from being with Destiny’s Child to shifting gears into a ginormous music and entertainment career. That shows her undying work ethic to stay relevant, be dominant and keep making her dreams come true. But above all that, she sings with passion and makes every song her own. A lot of artists miss that part…you have to be believable. If you don’t make me believe it in my soul that you mean what you sing, then I’m hitting next….I’d like to tap into what matters most to her and make a really big universal love song together.

Parlé:  In your opinion, do you think being a woman in the music industry is more challenging than it would be for a man?
Tami:  Absolutely but like I said in one of my blogs on my site, don’t let that be your crutch! If you are a woman who’s serious about being in the industry, let your work ethic, professionalism and performance speak for you. Men will respect you when they see you are serious about your craft.

Parlé:  Let’s play a round of “Getting to Know Tami Latrell. What is your favorite food?
Tami:  My fave is Seafood. BUT being from Houston, Texas originally I have a pretty diverse palette. I also love authentic Mexican and Caribbean food!!

Parlé:  What is your favorite thing to do when you want to have fun?
Tami:  Fun to me is traveling the world, and ALWAYS being by some blue water, with barely anything on and not a care in the world. I love traveling, mainly to beaches. I’m a Cancer:)

Parlé:  Are you a reader? If so, what type of books do you like to read?
Tami: You know, not as much as I used to be. I’m a traveling reader. I will most likely have books in my bag and read it whenever I have downtime. Sometimes I try to read before bed and yeah….so I’m sleep within minutes, (laughs). I read Self-Help, Inspirational, How-To’s, and a little fiction. But I’m very on point with my bible and reading books that constantly empower my inner self.

Parlé:  What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Tami:  That’s easy. Falling down a flight of steps and rolling out the door at a club…I’m clumsy at times (laughs).

Parlé:  What advice would you give to the people out there who really want to be a part of the music industry?
Tami: Learn the business part of it and UNDERSTAND that the business is the most important part about it outside from your creativity. So stay abreast of changes in music news, the laws of copyright, understand publishing, and all the different deals that are currently being given to artists and songwriters. Also don’t forget to network, and stay in touch with your contacts. If you’re a writer, reach out and write for producers and send them back good songs if you can’t meet with them physically. Use the internet to its fullest to stay in touch.

Parlé:  What else can we expect from Tami Latrell? And how can you be reached? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc….
Tami:  Wow, I have lots going on that I can’t really talk about with some major artist releases until they make the announcement, and I have some new independent artists I’m developing through my brand StarFactory. You can check out my instagram to see those updates.
Twitter: @tamilatrell
Instagram: @tamilatrell

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