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If you’ve had any of Mike Valli’s dishes, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that they are nothing short of appetizing. It’s one thing to cook a delicious meal, but it’s a totally different thing entirely to plate the food into a complete beauty. Follow him on Instagram and you will understand exactly what I mean. I think it definitely takes talent to do what he does. Chef Valli’s talents don’t stop there either. He designs chef coats that are quite fashionable and soon he will be launching his own clothing line. Read the interview to find out more about the Chef and Artist…

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Parlé Magazine:
Thank you for doing this interview! When was your passion for cooking born?
Mike Valli: My passion for cooking was born in college. I had already learned much from my father who is a chef in his own right. I found myself in school struggling to find my place. I knew I was different and a formal education wasn’t my priority. I began cooking for friends that I had made while in college, and in those days of my inexperienced dinner parties my passion was born. No matter what kind of person I cooked for they just loved it. More importantly, I discovered that bringing people joy made me happy and a better person.

You’ve cooked for K. Michelle, Future, Yandy Smith and the list goes on. How did you become so well known?
Mike Valli: I am a very spiritual person and to be honest I attracted it. I saw myself working with these stars well before the opportunity. I do believe that when you want something bad enough the entire world conspires on giving it to you. I stand behind that truth.

 Most people eat with their eyes first. I’m sure you pay close attention to that being that your food is so appetizing. I believe you can get booked by just posting pictures alone (laughs). Were you always good with presentation?
Mike Valli: I do think I was always decent at presentation, but I have gotten much better. I don’t really consider myself a chef these days, I feel more like an artist. The taste, the look, and capturing the food is all just an art to me. It’s not calculated, I just do what I feel.

Is there any one in particular that you would love to cook for?
Mike Valli: Not really, Not yet.

So you have your own catering company and now I see that you’re expanding your brand with stylish chef coats. Can you elaborate on that for me?
Mike Valli: The Chef Coat again is just the artist in me coming out I wanted to look different while I was in the kitchen and I had vision for designer chef coats. I know the classic chef coats are respected by the much older line of chefs but my style is young, fresh and innovative. It’s part of the Chef Mike Valli experience.

Parlé:  What else does Chef Mike Valli have going on?
Mike Valli:  I’m working on a webisode with Yandy Smith and also a cookbook with her as well. Preparing to launch Chef Mike Valli clothing in the winter as well.

Let’s play a round of “Getting to Know” Chef Mike Valli. What is your favorite food?
Mike Valli: My favorite food is crawfish, crab anything from the ocean really.

Parlé: What is your favorite thing to do when you want to have fun?
Mike Valli: I like to do different things like have drinks with friends, paintball, tubing when the weather is right. I’m just your average 24 year-old.

Are you a reader? If so, what type of books do you like to read?
Mike Valli: I am a heavy reader, I read mostly about self help, and controlling the mind. I read a lot of business books as well. My recommendations for books would be Think and Grow Rich and E-myth Revisited.

 What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Mike Valli: My most embarrassing moment would have to be the time I cooked for Ne-Yo’s staff and completely bombed it. it was early in my career and I just was not ready. The food was terrible and they let me know.

Parlé: How can you be reached? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.
Mike Valli:
twitter: @ChefMikeValli
Instagram: @ChefMikeValli

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