Garcelle Beauvais – Longevity, Consistency & Sheer Talent

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Garcelle Beauvais is no new comer to the screen.  She has many credits tagged to her name like Double Take, Flight and one of her most popular roles as “Fancy” on The Jamie Foxx Show. That’s not even half of what this Haitian beauty has done. Her most recent release is And Then There Was You. I had the opportunity to talk to her about what it was like being a part of this new film. Plus, did she and Mr. Jamie Foxx have any off camera romantic chemistry back in the day? Is she single or dating? What does she look for in a man? All of these questions plus more are answered in this interview. Read on!


Shot of Garcelle with actor Leon from the film

Parlé Magazine: Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview. How have you been?
Garcelle Beauvais: I’ve been really good multi-tasking as a mom, a career woman, all of it. (laughs)

Parlé: Many people know you as Francesca “Fancy” Monroe from The Jamie Foxx Show. How would you describe your experience on the show?

GB: Oh my God! It was fun, it was exciting, it was also scary because I had never really done comedy like that. With Jamie Foxx, I don’t think there was a day when we were not cracking up.

Parlé: What is your fondest memory from the show?

GB: I think it’s the friendships that I made. People really loved me and Jamie together. They loved the characters. I think they were really fond of them so for me, no matter what roles I do; I think “Fancy” will be one of my favorite characters that I got to do. And whether I’m in New York, Mississippi, Atlanta-people still yell out “Fancy” and I turn to it too!

Parlé: The show (Jamie Foxx Show) lasted from 1996-2001, what did you do after it was over? Did you take a break from acting or did you continue working?

GB:  No I didn’t take a break at all. I immediately went from Jamie Foxx to NYPD Blue which was really remarkable because they are two completely different shows. One was a comedy and was with an audience, the other was drama so it was really good for my career to show people that I can do one spectrum to another and I haven’t really stopped working since.

Parlé: I read that you recently (February 2, 2014) inked a deal with APA. Can you tell us about that?

GB:  Yeah, I love the company. They have great talents and have different compartments and because I’m not just an actress; I’m an author, I’m a producer. So I needed a company that could help me with all the other things that I’m doing and not just a theatrical agency. I’m really excited about the future.

Parlé:  Let’s talk about your new project, And Then There Was You. How were you casted?

GB:  Actually Jimmy Jean, who is a Haitain actor, he’s in a lot of amazing things. He sent me the script and told me to take a look at it. He said, “I think this will be very interesting.” He knows the director. I read it and I immediately talked to my manager, thinking we should take a meeting on it. So I went and met with the director and she said, “I would love for you to do it.” And as we started working on it, I came on as a producer I came on and helped, which I had never done before. It was really good for me to see different sides of the business. It’s one thing to be in front of it and another thing to be on the other side.

Parlé: For those who haven’t heard, can you tell us what the film is about?

GB: Sure! It’s about a woman named Natalie who finds out that her husband has another family outside of the relationship. So many times in life, we are on autopilot. We go to work, we go home, we’re taking care of the kids. It’s kind of like driving home without realizing because you take the same route every day. So I think her going on with her life and finding this out and of course that changes everything. It’s her finding herself, her learning how to forgive. It’s her opening up her heart to a new relationship. It’s a story of a woman putting her life back together, which I think a lot of people can relate to.

 What was it like working alongside Leon, Brian White and Lynn Whitfield?

GB:  Leon; I loved him ever since the Five Heartbeats. I mean I fell in love with him like everybody else and of course the video that he did with Madonna that was supposed to be so scandalous at the time.  I didn’t know what he would be like. I’ve seen him at events and parties but I never worked with him. It was really fun and challenging. He challenged me and I challenged him. And Brian is full of life and energy and he’s a perfectionist so it was really great to have a great cast. And Lynn Whitfield; I’ve been a huge fan of hers so to work opposite of her was really fun.

Parlé: And Then There Was You is available now on DVD and digital download; directed by Leila Djansi. Tell everyone where they can purchase it?

GB: They can download it.  Amazon, anywhere you can purchase it.

 What has been your favorite acting role so far?

GB: Oh boy! I think there’s still so much to do. I would say between Jamie Foxx and getting to work with Denzel on Flight was a great thing. It was such a great movie with really great actors and producers.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement as an actress?

GB: The longevity that I’ve had in this business has been amazing. I think it’s perseverance. I don’t give up. I like to stay creative. I’ve grown a lot in my work. When I watch shows that I was in when I first started, I’ve grown at being better in portraying emotions. That’s all you can ask for.

Parlé:  Do you have any advice to aspiring actors and actresses as well those that are new to the industry?

GB:  I think you have to follow your heart. I think you have to take classes and be professional. That’s huge. Show up on time; know your lines, just being professional. Respect other people’s time and know your craft.

Parlé:  Do you feel like you’ve played your dream role and if not; what would be your dream role?

GB:  I would like to play somebody that’s bad. I would like to sort of do a thriller or something along the lines of Basic Instinct, a killer. Any of those things would be fun because it’s not my real life thing (laugh).

Parlé: I can see you doing that! (laughs)

GB: I think it would really be fun. I just finished another movie with Meagan Goode, Raven Symone and Romeo and that character would be different than anything I’ve ever played. I like stretching and keeping it interesting for me.

Parlé: And what would you say is the most challenging part about being an actress?
GB:  The most challenging is dealing with a lot of rejections. There are so many parts that you really want and for some reason they go with somebody else. You just have to not take it personally. It just depends on what they’re looking for. You can’t take it personally, but there are a lot of rejections.  As with anything; there’s a lot of politicking.

Parlé: Tell us a little about Garcelle. I know you have three children. Who is Garcelle, the mommy and the woman off camera?

GB: I have three boys. I’m a really girly girl, but being a mom to three boys I can now throw a football, I can play basketball. It’s definitely toughed me up (laughs).

Parlé: Are any of your children showing any interest in acting?

GB: Not necessarily acting but my oldest is into the music. He’s a rapper so he’s definitely artistic. I don’t know about the little ones. They’re only six, only time will tell but I’m sure a little is in their blood.

Parlé: If either of your children wanted to be in the entertainment industry (as your oldest), how would you feel about it and what advice would you give them?

GB: For me I would tell them you have to have tough skin, you can’t take everything personally. I wouldn’t want my little ones in it too early because it’s not an easy industry. A lot of people want to be in it for the fame or the art. You have to really want it because it’s not an easy job.

Parlé: Are you single or dating?What does Garcelle look for in a man?

GB:  I am single and I am dating. What I look for in a man, I mean nowadays, it’s all about having integrity. Somebody who wants to have fun, somebody who’s honest, easy on the eyes but it’s not all about looks. I think somebody who would want to be around children at a certain point.

Parlé:  And that was going to be my next question. Being that you have children, what would be the most important thing you look for?

GB:  For me I would have to get to know someone for at least six or eight months before they get to meet my boys because I don’t want people coming in and out of their lives. I didn’t see it with my mom so I wouldn’t do it to my children. I would want somebody who would love them eventually and be a good role model for them. They don’t need a father. They have a father in their lives, but someone who would be a good friend to them.

Parlé: Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?

GB:  I have my second children’s book coming out this year, 2014 and I’m really excited about it. My first one did really well and we are off and running with the second (book).

Parlé: How can you be reached? Are you on social media? Twitter, Facebook, etc?

GB:  Instagram: Garcelle Twitter: GarcelleB Facebook: Garcelle Beauvais

Parlé: Okay, I saved this question for last. Many people wanted to know,being that you worked so closely with Jamie Foxx on the show, was there ever any romantic chemistry outside of the show?

GB: We never did. We love and respect each other and I’m glad we never did because we have a really great friendship. I’m at his house on Christmas, we hang out all the time, my boys go to his house so we never did, which is why I think we can have such a long friendship now.

Parlé: Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview.

GB: You’re so welcome. Have a great day!

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