A Look At the Missing Pieces of The Bad Boy Reunion Tour


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Extra Honorable Mention

Bad Boy reunion
Donnie Klang, Just A Rolling Stone album cover

Donnie Klang:
Donnie Klang was a Bad Boy artist that snuck in via the Making The Band series. The Long Island native only squeaked out one album, Just a Rolling Stone in 2008. He was positioning himself to be a writer in the business even when I interviewed him back in ’08, but that never really revealed itself for the singer.

Where Is He Now:
Your guess is as good as mine.


Technically MGK or Machine Gun Kelly and French Montana are the only artists besides Puff actually signed to Bad Boy right now.  He released his sophomore album General Admission this past October, which featured the single, “Till I Die”. From the outside looking in at least, Puff really had zero involvement with the project. And if history serves, MGK should be really scared that his 2 album term is up…

French Montana is definitely on the Bad Boy reunion tour so, MGK has to be HOT.


The Others:

Danity Kane, Day 26, 8 Ball & MJG (2 albums), New Edition (1 album), Janelle Monae, Da Band, Dream (platinum selling girl group ; 1 album), and Elephant Man (1 album) have all been Bad Boy artists for some time, however they never really represented the brand.

Danity Kane made a comeback last year on a new label but that ended quickly,

Day 26 split, but also tried a reunion tour in 2015.  Also faded quickly.

Chopper of The Band was signed as a solo artist to Bad Boy after the group dissolved but he never released a solo album.  We caught up with him last year after a long hiatus, before he released his EP.  No chance he was making the Bad Boy reunion tour though.

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