Reports: Carmelo Anthony ‘Confessions’ Affair Led To Separation, Dancer Says She’s Pregnant

The Latest On The Carmelo and La La Anthony Separation

SAY IT AIN’T SO MELO!!! While we were hoping that the news of a Carmelo and La La Anthony separation was all bad rumors like every time they try to say Will and Jada are over. Unfortunately, it looks like the rumors are as true as the T.I. and Tiny break-up.

Carmelo and La la have been rumored to be over since a couple seasons ago when Melo and Kevin Garnett had an on court incident where it was reported that Garnett told Melo tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. So of course twitter jumped all over that and ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’ was trending when reports of the Carmelo and La La Anthony separation first hit yesterday (April 17th).

Today there are new reports that the nail on the coffin is a claim by a New York dancer that she has been having an affair with Carmelo… and that she is now 6 months pregnant!!! Sources have said that the relationship was on the rocks prior to the dancer’s claim, but the revelation, though it’s yet to be completely substantiated was the tipping point. The couple are even living in separate homes, even though it’s the offseason for Melo and ideal family time.

Carmelo Anthony is having a pretty off seven day cycle. The New York Knicks All-star Forward who has remained loyal to the city despite a rocky relationship with President of Basketball Operations, the zen master, Phil Jackson, was seemingly blindsided by a press conference from Jackson to end last week. The day after another disappointing Knicks season ended with the team missing the playoffs for the third straight year, Phil Jackson announced in his end of year press conference that Carmelo Anthony “was better off elsewhere” and that the team “can’t win with him”.

Can’t name the last time something like that played out this way with a player, but considering Melo still had a no-trade clause and two seasons left on his contract, the ball is still in Anthony’s court.

Back to the Carmelo and La La Anthony Separation:
As of now neither Carmelo or La La have made a statement in regards to the separation. Thus far, no divorce papers have been drawn up but various sites are saying that there is little to no chance of reconciliation and a divorce is imminent.

In their latest post, TMZ has images of La La Anthony out around town no longer sporting her wedding ring.  Pic below…
Carmelo and La La Anthony Separation

Main Image from Carmelo Anthony’s Instagram from last year at the Met Gala.

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