Singer-Songwriter K.Flay Opens Up About New Album, Early Beginnings In Music & More

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Meet K.FLay, Our Interview with The Singer-Songwriter

Fresh on the heels of a sold out U.S. headlining tour, still-on-the rise Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, K.Flay, has returned with her eagerly awaited sophomore set, Every Where Is Some Where [Night Street / Interscope Records], the proper studio follow-up to 2014’s ‘Life as a Dog.’  The album’s lead single, “High Enough” has also been making quite an impact on radio, helping

Parlé Magazine recently caught up with the alt-pop/Hip Hop artist, born Kristine Flaherty, and this is exactly what transpired…

Parlé Mag:  Let’s hop right into your latest entry, “High Enough”.  Tell me about this particular composition; how did it come to fruition?
K.Flay:  I wrote “High Enough” in L.A.. I was in the studio with Mike Elizondo [Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ed Sheeran] working on another track for my album, and I started messing around on this vintage Rickenbacker — Basically came up with the main riff and those “Oh’s” that happen throughout the song. We recorded that, and then I went home to work on the lyrics and the concept. Mike and I got back together a little bit after and finished all the instrumentation. I wanted to write a song that was about not needing to be fucked up; about wanting to be fully present with another person.

Parlé Mag:  “High Enough” comes courtesy of your highly anticipated sophomore LP, ‘ Every Where Is Some Where. Although pretty self-explanatory, still tell me, conceptually, what that title represents both to and for you?
K.Flay:  For me, it represents both the importance and the arbitrariness of meaning. We write stories wherever we go, create meaning however we choose. A street corner that holds importance for me, might go totally unnoticed by millions of people… and vice versa. I find that kind of beautiful and limitless.

Parlé Mag:  How does Every Where Is Some Where either differ and/or compare to that of your debut solo collection, Life as a Dog?
K.Flay:  I think it’s the next step in my progression as an artist. Lyrically and sonically, I tried to be hard on myself — Am i settling? Am I pushing toward new territory? Overall though, it’s an extension of the spirit of honesty and confession that guided Life as a Dog.

Parlé Mag:  Who have been your greatest inspirations musically and why?
K.Flay:  That’s always a hard question. Inspiration can be difficult to pinpoint. But leading up to this record in particular, I was listening to a lot of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Sabbath, Massive Attack, J. Cole and Vampire Weekend.

Parlé Mag:  Reflecting, how did you first discover your musical talent?
K.Flay:  In college. Though I was still definitely in the beginning stages of anything remotely related to talent.  College was mainly when I discovered a real love of making music; writing songs, recording, staying up late in a studio. I think I started to lock in creatively when I released a mix-tape called, I Stopped Caring in ’96.

Parlé Mag:  That said, how do you describe the style of music that you create and perform?
K.Flay:  I have a hard time describing it; sometimes it’s heavy, sometimes it’s light… sometimes I rap, sometimes I sing. I try to be free about the mode of expression, and just follow my instincts.

Parlé Mag:  Longevity, what do you attribute yours to?
K.Flay:  I’ve put in a lot of time on the road; playing shows, connecting with people. I have a lot of long-standing, really beautiful relationships with fans. And I think my music has been in a constant state of evolution, which I hope draws people in.

Parlé Mag:  What do you want people to get from your music?
K.Flay:  A sense of connection and a sense of release. A feeling that they’re not alone in questioning everything, or being overwhelmed by joy or fearing the dark parts of themselves.

Parlé Mag:  Do you have any other outside/additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from music?
K.Flay:  Yes! Right now, I want to narrate an audio-book. And produce a podcast.

Parlé Mag:  What has been your greatest achievement(s) so far?
K.Flay:  Making my family proud.

Parlé Mag:  If you could collaborate with any one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?
K.Flay:  Oh, man, I want to sing a duet with Karen O!

Parlé Mag:  If you could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?
K.Flay:  I want to headline – and hopefully sell out – The Fillmore in San Francisco. I’ve seen so many incredible shows there. It would just kind of fill my heart with happiness.

Parlé Mag:  One track of yours that you think defines you and why?
K.Flay:  There’s a new song on the record called “It’s Just A Lot.” Right now, that encompasses my head-space pretty entirely. It’s a song about feeling small in the face of beauty and sadness, and generally just the giant scope of the world… but smiling while you do that.

Parlé Mag:  You are currently out on this extensive road trek that pretty much runs you through July.  For those who have yet to witness you performing live, what would you say can be expected from a K.Flay show?
K.Flay:  Lots of energy! I try to relive the experience of each song in a live context, which means I have to get kind of wild.

Parlé Mag:  Any “closing” thought(s) for our readers?
K.Flay:  I hope you get a chance to listen to the new record. I’m really excited about it.

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