Keith Robinson Speaks On His Role In Bounce TV’s ‘Saints & Sinners’

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Keith Robinson Goes In-depth About His Character Miles Calloway, Talks Relationships + Infidelity

Keith Robinson may be known as ‘C.C. White’ from the 2006 film Dreamgirls or even ‘Baby Roy’ from the highly acclaimed James Brown biopic, Get On Up. However, these days, the Kentucky-born actor/singer happens to be most talked about for his starring role as Miles Calloway in Bounce TV‘s breakthrough primetime series, Saints & Sinners.

The hour-long, African American-based drama follows the conflicts and lives of members of Greater Hope Baptist Church, in the backwoods of Cypress, Georgia—a fictional city on the outskirts of Atlanta. With secrets deep enough to dig a hole in the ground, the individuals must manage to uphold their church-like images, without falling in.

Robinson portrays the character Miles Calloway, a former music minister and R&B one-hit wonder. While he struggles to repair his once wealthy music career, things on the homefront aren’t going so well either. After having an affair with the preacher’s daughter, he soon realizes that he’s gotten himself into a whirlwind of trouble, and he wants out, quickly.

Saints & Sinners recently came back for a season two, and it looks like things just got real—real fast. More drama arises as things spiral completely out of control.

Check out our exclusive interview with Robinson, as he gives us an in-depth look at his character, Miles Calloway.

Miles Calloway
Parlé Mag: 
Tell us about your character Miles Calloway?
Keith Robinson: Well, we find him trying to get his music career back on track. He had a hit, at one time. The first season, he was out of the business and back, and leading the choir ministry at the church, in Cypress Hill—which what the show is surrounded around. Now, the second season, he’s back on tour with Tank, and he’s trying to get his personal life back on track as well. He’s married; his wife is pregnant, but his mistress is pregnant as well, who is the preacher’s daughter. So, he’s got some personal problems that he’s dealing with. That’s kind of where it’s at now. He’s a great musician, but severely flawed.


Parlé Mag: When first reading the script, if any, what similarities did you see in Miles Calloway and yourself?
Keith Robinson: Well, we’re both musicians. I’m not married and nobody’s pregnant!


Parlé Mag: [laughs]
Keith Robinson: So, that’s where we’re different! But, yeah, he kind of speaks through his music, which is something I definitely do. I’m able to imitate life and art kind of at the same time. So, that’s what I love so much about playing this guy.


Parlé Mag: Your character touches on some pretty deep stuff. Infidelity in the church is considered to be an abomination for some. But, I’d like to know, from your perspective, as a man, why do you think some men cheat?
Keith Robinson: Why do some men cheat? Well, I mean, I think men are physical. You know, when the spiritual and the mental connection is not strong enough, then it’s easy for you to be led astray, run amok. So many beautiful women out there. I think women are more ‘there has to be a mental connection before you can actually do the physical’.  But, I think our bodies are connected that way. So, I think, a lot of times, that’s what happens. That man instinct comes out and overtakes everything else, so I hear it.


Parlé Mag: So, do you think having a solid communication foundation with your partner could help prevent those situations?
Keith Robinson: Most definitely! I think it can prevent them, but it’s not bulletproof. It definitely gives you a little insurance. You have to start there if you want any type of monogamous commitment in a relationship.


Parlé Mag: Religion can be such a sticky topic in today’s world. Everyone has their own perception of it. So, how do you go about approaching religious-based roles?
Keith Robinson: Well, I grew up in the church. With any role, I don’t approach any differently than I would if I was playing a murderer or someone on the other side of the cloth. I mean, you basically just kind of do your research according to what the story is asking of you. You know what I’m saying? Go from there. Sometimes, it being a spiritual role makes it a little easier because you have more material and more things to grasp on, emotionally. So, it’s not that much of a different preparation process. It usually depends on project to project.


Parlé Mag: Why do you think it’s important to have shows like Saints & Sinners?
Keith Robinson: I think it’s important because, for one, it shows that people in the church are no different than people in the streets; we’re just trying to get it right. I think it’s great because it’s a great ensemble; every character has different problems, different things they’re dealing with that somebody in the audience can identify with, in some way. The fact that it’s an all African-American cast learns itself to the diversity thing that Hollywood seems to be more pressed about looking at now. So, it’s a couple of things.

Miles Calloway

Be sure to catch Saints & Sinners every Sunday, at 9/8c, on Bounce TV! Join the conversation by using the hashtag #SaintsAndSinners on Twitter!
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