[STREAM] Vic Mensa Resurfaces With ‘The Manuscript’ EP

Vic Mensa The Manuscript EP Sets Up Forthcoming Debut Album

It’s been quite some time since we last heard from Chicago native Vic Mensa. Ever since his 2013 mixtape Innanetape, he has been promising that his debut album would be coming soon. It was previously known as ‘Traffic‘ during that period, but things definitely switched up for Vic. Last year’s EP aptly titled There’s A Lot Going On delved more into the recent Roc Nation signee’s mind and his life between 2013-2016.

Now we’re here again with a new Vic Mensa EP titled The Manuscript that notes it is 1 of 2 on the EP’s cover. What does that mean exactly? Well, we won’t have to wait much longer for Vic’s debut album and this EP will be a connective tissue to the bigger picture, the 2 of 2.

The Manuscript is only 4 tracks totaling a run-time of 15 minutes, but each of the songs selected shows Vic’s range and what styles he’s looking to incorporate in his debut album.

The Manuscript features Mr. Hudson, Pusha T and Pharrell.

Vic Mensa The Manuscript EP Tracklist:

  1. Almost There (ft. Mr Hudson)
  2. OMG (ft. Pharrell and Pusha T)
  3. Rollin’ Like A Stoner
  4. Rage


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