#AaliyahForMAC Makeup Collection Is Finally On The Way, Slated For 2018

Aaliyah’s Forthcoming MAC Makeup Collection Has Social Media In A Frenzy, Take A Look At Some of The Reactions

For about two years, super fans of R&B princess Aaliyah Dana Haughton have been rooting for MAC Cosmetics to produce an official honorary makeup line, solely inspired by the late singer–whose life was cut short on August 25th, 2001, due to a plane crash. As you all may know, MAC Cosmetics is a New York-based cosmetics manufacturer, which was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada. MAC is an abbreviation for Makeup Art Cosmetics, and, now, the name has become highly famed within the beauty industry. It happens to be one of the top cosmetic brands in the world. Lately, they’ve done collaborations with quite a few big-named women in the entertainment industry, such as Mariah Carey, Taraji P. Henson, Nicki Minaj, and even did a posthumous line for singer Selena, last year. So, we can definitely see why people pushed for them to honor Aaliyah.


It all started with a devoted fan, by the name of Jennifer Risinger, who launched her very own online petition, via Change.org, in hopes of gaining the brand’s attention enough to have them turn her dreams of seeing an Aaliyah MAC makeup collection to reality. The petition garnered over 26,000 signatures and even received approval from Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, who backed the idea, one hundred percent, by confessing that his sister was actually a huge fan of the cosmetics brand, herself.

With the songstress’s family, close friend, Missy Elliott, and a plethora of die-hard supporters on board, #TeamAaliyah was determined to make an #AaliyahForMAC campaign happen… and, apparently, they did. On August 24th, just one day before the sixteenth anniversary of Aaliyah’s death, MAC Cosmetics took to their Instagram page to announce that #AaliyahForMAC is now being brought to life and the collection is slated for summer of 2018.


The announcement left everyone completely ‘shooketh’, with beauty bloggers and Aaliyah lovers filling the timelines in excitement and expressing their anxiousness for the arrival.

Shortly after, the #AaliyahForMAC supporters took to the Instagram account to convey some humbling words, thanking everyone involved who helped made it possible.

“This campaign has been and always will be a campaign done to honor Aaliyah in such a wonderful and huge way with a MAC collection! Aaliyah loved and used MAC, so it was only fitting that this would happen! Thank you to the Haughton family for supporting this from the start (July 2015). We wouldn’t have done this without their support and blessing. Thank you to Missy Elliott, her glam squad, the media, the fans, the beauty community etc for signing the petition, sharing the petition, and pushing this to make it happen! I am truly humbled that after 2 years of hard work , that the fans and people that wanted it stuck it out with AFM on the whole journey or a great portion of it along the way with likes, retweets, repost, post, tweets , kind words etc. Get your coin ready! Aaliyah For MAC is coming Summer 2018!” They wrote.

While we don’t exactly know what all the collection will consist of, the petition pushed for everything from eyeshadows and lipsticks to contouring and highlighting kits. So, we’re hoping that MAC will take heed to that and bring us the whole nine. Aaliyah was known for her nude glossed lips–sometimes bold, and perfectly arched brows. That being said, one could assume that we can certainly expect a great variety of lippies, as well as brow products. However, this is only a guess.

According to the sources, Aaliyah’s favorite MAC products were: Chelsea Lipstick, Cherish Lipstick, Chestnut Lip Liner, Espresso Eyeshadow, and Biscuit Eyeshadow.

What are your favorite MAC products?

As a makeup junkie, myself, I can truly say that I am thrilled beyond words to see someone as deserving and beautiful as Aaliyah to be the face of a brand like MAC! This is, for sure, an amazing way to keep the legacy of our dear baby girl alive.

Get ready, people. #AaliyahForMAC is coming soon!


Check out some of the #AaliyahForMAC reactions below.


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