Michael B. Jordan Is Allegedly Dating A New Woman, Twitter Reacts

Rumor Has It, Actor Michael B. Jordan May Be Off of The Market

For many women around the world, Michael B. Jordan is the one man who they could literally spend hours swooning over, wishing that, someday, they’d finally be his Mrs. Right. However, that title seems to have already been filled, according to reports of Jordan having an alleged new girlfriend. Rumors say that the lucky lady’s name happens to be Ashlyn Castro. But, with the budding allegations also came a lot of questions. One, in particular, being, “Who is Ashlyn Castro?”

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While most people are already starting a frenzy on social media by pointing out the fact of what she isn’t, which is black, that doesn’t make her any less of a great match for him, at least that’s how we see it.

Let us give you a brief background on the misses. Ashlyn Castro is a beautiful Latina woman, and, although it hasn’t been stated, exactly, what she does yet, information online seems to show that she is no stranger to the celebrity spotlight. In fact, she even has a pretty decent following on her social media accounts.

There has been no official confirmation from Jordan on whether the two are definitely a couple or not, but social media pictures and videos say just enough. On New Year’s Eve, Castro posted a picture on Instagram of her hand alongside what seems to be Jordan’s hand, with words, “Ride or die 2018.” You can also see a video of the two bringing in the new year together. Those posts have since been deleted.

Sources say that Jordan wants to keep the relationship a secret. If that is true, it makes perfect sense as to why we haven’t seen or heard much about the rumored romance.

But, in all actuality, maybe it’s best that way. We wouldn’t want the fans to scare the poor girl off before things ever get a chance to get serious between the two!

Check out some of the fan reactions on Twitter below.


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