6 Ways to Sharpen Your Policing Skills

Policing Skills

If you enjoy being a police officer then there may come a time when you want to advance your career and work your way up into higher-level roles. To do so, it’s important that you focus on sharpening and improving your policing skills as time goes on.

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Getting better at what you do is a great way to feel more secure about yourself and get noticed in the workplace. The following suggestions will allow you to become a better police officer and advance your law enforcement career. Keep in mind that if you want to be successful and progress in your job, you should be constantly setting new goals and taking on challenges that are unique in nature.

1.    Go Back to School

One excellent way to sharpen your policing skills is to go back to school. Obtain a higher education degree by signing up for a police program that will help you brush up on leadership skills and advance your knowledge about the law enforcement profession. Doing so will likely open up fresh and better opportunities that will allow you to put your new skills to the test. The world of policing is always changing so it’s a good idea to keep up with these modifications so you can perform well at your job. The reality is that police officers tend to be scrutinized in society so it’s in your best interest to be able to apply different perspectives and outlooks in order to function optimally within the landscape.

2.    Work with A Mentor

In addition, you can sharpen your policing skills by finding and working with a mentor. Choose someone who’s been in your shoes before and has a successful career in law enforcement. Pick their brain about what obstacles they have faced over the years so you can avoid making similar ones in your own professional journey. You can also use your mentor as a sounding board to help you best maneuver the police force and find out what you can be doing to get ahead in your position. A mentor will be able to guide you and hopefully put you on a path to success so you can achieve your goals at a quicker rate and avoid any obstacles that may stall your progress.

3.    Observe Experienced Officers in the Field

Another useful way to get ahead and improve your skills as a police officer is to observe experienced officers in the field. This way you can see them in action and get tips about how they handle difficult situations. You may even want to observe and work with a variety of veterans in the force in order to gain several unique approaches about how to best serve and protect your community. Be prepared to ask questions and listen so you can make adjustments to the way you work and that will help you gain more respect in the force. After some time passes, don’t be afraid to request that you take over and put your new knowledge into action so they can see how you do and offer tips and advice.

4.    Ask for Feedback

Another great way to sharpen your policing skills is to ask for feedback from others about your performance. Avoid taking comments personally and instead use them to your advantage so you can get better at your job. Reach out and engage with those you work with so you can have conversations with them about how you’re doing and whether they have any suggestions for improvement that you can work on in the future. Be sure to request performance review meetings with your boss as well so you can document and keep track of your strengths and weaknesses over time.

Constructive criticism can be tough to take sometimes, but remember that it’s very useful in helping your self-development. It can be difficult to notice your own mishaps when you’re busy and distracted at work, so this input will be beneficial in allowing you to grow and develop as a police officer. All you may need to find the motivation to change is to have an objective opinion from someone who cares about your success.

5.    Accept More Responsibility at Work

You can also sharpen your policing skills by taking on extra work and accepting more responsibility in your current job role. It’s a good idea to raise your hand the next time your boss needs help on a project — or with a situation that’s unfamiliar to you — and use it as an opportunity to grow your knowledge and skills. It may feel uncomfortable and difficult at first, but over time you’ll work out the kinks and likely begin to excel in new types of positions and roles. These kinds of experiences will allow you to stretch yourself and gain more self-confidence in your abilities at the same time. Let these new situations empower you to become a more critical thinker and problem-solver as well.

6.    Admit to & Learn from Your Mistakes

You can’t get better at what you’re doing unless you make mistakes every so often. Therefore, get in the habit of being comfortable with making errors and also be sure to learn from them. These moments or instances are wonderful opportunities for you to reflect on what didn’t work this time around, so you can adjust your approach the next time you find yourself in a similar scenario. Trying to hide and act like you can do no wrong will only hurt your reputation and job performance in the long run. Step up and be a leader and let others know when you make mistakes at work. It’s likely they’ll be understanding and appreciate you being open and honest about what has occurred. It’s also important to keep track and write down exactly what happens and how you deal with each circumstance you face. Then think about what you want to change in the future. Review these notes regularly so you can continue to sharpen your policing skills.

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