Celebrities You Could Never Imagine Were Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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It’s not a big deal to be hard of hearing, however, it is very difficult to imagine someone you see on TV every day being deaf or having hearing difficulties. Deaf people are well-adjusted to life in this world and are full-fledged members of our society. They travel, do sports, go partying, and successfully participate in the Olympic games. 

You could see a lot of deaf athletes who win various competitions or Olympic games. We used to watch their success and wins. By the way, thanks to human transcription services all these people can still watch YouTube and other videos and understand well what they are about. Could you ever imagine some of your favorite celebrities might struggle with their hearing though?

If you did not know this, many celebrities belong to 5% of the world’s population that suffers from different hearing losses. Thanks to audio to text transformations, they can still succeed in their careers. Check the list of celebrities with hearing loss who managed to be successful regardless of their issues. They are a great example for everyone who doubts his or her chances for a great and full-fledged life.

Celebrities With Hearing Loss

Jodie Foster

Everyone knows and loves this actress and director. Jodie Foster knows like no one else how crucial it is to check your ears regularly. This icon suffers from hearing loss. Jodie admits that she knows how regular checkups and help would help to build a successful life. 

Of course, this actress is not deaf, just has impairments, however, thanks to different transcription services, she does not feel any violation of her rights or opportunities.

Millie Bobby Brown

Who has not heard of the Stranger Things by Netflix star, Millie Bobby Brown? This celebrity is deaf in one ear. Millie did not have any traumas, she was born with hearing loss in her right ear. With time, the situation became worse and Millie is deaf in her right ear now. We bet you would never tell this by watching her terrific role of Eleven in the famous TV series. 

Halle Berry

Just like Millie Bobby Brown, Halle Berry has issues with her right ear. She has lost 80% of her hearing. Despite that, Halle Berry is the Academy Award winner. Unlike the previous star, she was not born with this loss. Her hearing problem is the result of domestic violence. Unfortunately, Halle Berry suffered from an abusive relationship with her ex-partner. 

You have definitely watched tons of blockbusters with Berry’s participation. By the way, Halle remains the only African-American Academy Award winner for Best Actress in a Leading Role. This role is in a well-known Monsters Ball movie. 

If you have not seen this brilliant movie yet, you definitely should. A great video to text transcription will help you in case you also suffer from hearing loss. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most popular actresses, comedians, and Academy Award winners who has hearing loss. Whoopi is wearing hearing aids. No, she was not born with this issue. She gained it later in life. 

In Whoopi’s own opinion, her issue is the result of loud concerts she used to attend when being young. By the way, if a transcription company can help deaf people enjoy their life and leisure, Whoopi adopted a deaf and blind dog in 2015. This famous actress helps animals with the same issue.

Whoopi also warns people that it is necessary to turn down their speakers if they do not want to suffer from the same health problem.

Bill Clinton

The former President of the United States is also one of those famous people with hearing loss. He suffered from high-frequency hearing loss almost his entire life. What does high-frequency hearing loss mean? 

The voices of women and children are harder to make out, as well as it is quite difficult to understand conversations. After Clinton’s 1997 physical, he was fitted with two hearing aids. Bill Clinton was 51 at that time.

Stephen Colbert

This “The Late Show” host is deaf in his right ear. However, Stephen was not born with this issue as well. His hearing problem is a result of a surgery he experienced in his childhood. The doctors tried to remove a tumor. We all know Stephen Colbert as a successful TV host, however, he was dreaming of becoming a marine biologist. Unfortunately, scuba diving is impossible with his ear damage.


Who would think that the Grammy Award winner could have hearing issues? However, Will.i.am is an artist who lived with tinnitus for many years. This problem causes a constant ringing in the ear. 

Unfortunately, this is the result of listening to noisy music. Will.i.am had his ears tested and his doctor said that his hearing is like someone’s aged one. Will.i.am was just 45 years old at the moment. 

Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a widely loved comedian by fans all over the globe. Unfortunately, in 1986, he started to experience hearing loss and had to cope with tinnitus. The problems were caused by loud gunfire on the set of “Three Amigos.”

Millicent Simmonds

Another teen actor lost her hearing when being an infant. Millicent had a medication overdose that resulted in hearing loss. This celebrity can hear only thanks to her cochlear implant. She is a very good example of what a strong will can do.

Millicent communicates through American sign language. You should have seen A Quiet Place movie where she played a deaf character. The movie is almost silent. Simmonds does not think that her deafness is an obstacle to anything in life and hopes that her example would prove it. 

If you also suffer from deafness, remember that a good and reliable transcription service can do miracles and make all movies, concerts, webinars, etc. available to you and all people who cannot hear what is being said. 


The name Claire Boucher may not tell you anything but you definitely know who Grimes is. This popular Canadian singer suffers from tinnitus. Grimes canceled her European tour when being only 24. The reason was her hearing loss and tinnitus. 

Doctors advised Claire to stay away from loud music. All fans knew how the celebrity suffered because she mentioned in her Tweeter that she could not sleep at night due to heavy ringing in her ears. 

Although hearing loss or issues may cause a lot of discomfort, these celebrities show that nothing is impossible and you can reach success even when being totally deaf. If you belong to that 5% of people with hearing loss, remember that you can always transcribe audio text or video files and enjoy your favorite videos, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and whatever else you wish. 

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