Davido Shares Bank Info, Fans Send Him Thousands of Dollars, He Donates To Orphanages

Davido Shares His Bank Account Info

International music artist, Davido, took his marketing directly to his fans early in the day.  The Nigerian born artist decided to appeal to his fans for some dollars… and it worked! Davido shared his bank info and within minutes fans were sending him money.  Davido has 21 million followers on Instagram and another 9.7 million on Twitter.

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Davido’s 29th birthday is this coming November 21st, so many fans used it as an opportunity to send him an early birthday gift.

Here’s a look at how it all went down:

Davido shared a little while later in his Instagram stories that he created the account just for this stunt.  At that point, since Davido shared his bank info the account had gone from 0 to 33 million Nigerian Naira, Nigeria’s currency.

Davido Shares His Bank Account Info Details Progress


Davido thanked his fans throughout the afternoon in Nigeria, posting in his stories about his success, while showing off in his IG stories.

Davido Shares His Bank Account Info, Shares Gratitude

At least checked, Davido was at well over 184 Million Nigerian Naira. That comes out to about $447,800.  I’m not abreast on Nigerian tax law, but would assume he will have to pay some taxes on that.

Davido has announced that he will be releasing new music tonight, another chance for him to show appreciation to his fans.

Saturday November 20, 2021:

Davido took to social media to announce that he was donating all the money the at was raised, 200 million Nigerian Naira, to orphanages in Nigeria.  In addition to donating the money that he raised, he would be adding another 50 million Nigerian Naira of his own money. The sum cines out to about $608,000.

Davido announced that the donations would be made in partnership with a disbursement committee to ensure that the funds will be properly used.  Read the full statement below.

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