Redroad V17 Achieves Proudly Strong Cleaning Power

Redroad V17

Redroad, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality, cutting-edge products and home appliances, recently released a sleek handheld Vacuum cleaner Redroad V17. This vacuum cleaner features interesting innovative technology, design and material making it one of the brand’s most appreciated and top-rated products by customers. For this reason, here is a review of the Redroad V17 which achieves proudly strong cleaning power. Let’s get started.

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The Redroad V17 generates 60 dB of noise 

This cordless vacuum cleaner can generate a maximum of 60 dB of noise while in its high-performance mode thanks to its 9- stage Mandala noise reduction system. Unlike other vacuum cleaners which produce 70 to 80 dB of noise, this product enables users to have quiet and gentle cleaning sessions.

It has a high-quality filtration system 

 This product achieves its strong cleaning power thanks to its high-quality filtration system that features a 12-cone dust separation system and activated charcoal HEPA filters that have the capability of trapping 99.97 % of dust particles that can cause irritation and allergy. In addition, this product can trap 0.1 microns of dust, pollen, dust mites and mould spores, unlike other models which can capture only 0.3 microns of dust, making Redroad the ideal vacuum cleaner to add to your closet. 

This product has the strong cleaning power 

It features a strong cleaning power of 120,000 rpm on its maglev brushless motor which has the capability of generating 155 AW suction and vacuum power of over 26,500 Pa.

For maximum suction performance when cleaning carpets be sure to switch it to Turbo mode. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner features a long-lasting 2,500 mAH lithium-ion battery which can last for 60 minutes on a single charge while in Eco Mode. 

This product features dual floor brushes 

Who wouldn’t want to see their floor sparkle after a cleaning session? This is why the redroad V17 features dual floor brushes that improve their efficiency by rolling towards each other. Additionally, these brushes include a soft and beater brush to ensure you can clean on different types of flooring material. 

It features an interesting design 

Not only can this product be operated single-handedly but also it has a capacity of 600 ml which is slightly larger than the ordinary battery-operated vacuum cleaner. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner is simple to empty as you only require to press the red button at its base to open the bottom that holds the debris. For this reason, the Redroad V17 is a simple to use vacuum cleaner that does not require a lot of handling techniques. 


The Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner is considered one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market and recently the product achieved a Gold Award for the best in-home appliance in the MUSE Awards,2021 category for home appliances.

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