Find Your Personal Style In 6 Easy Steps

Find Your Personal Style

People often underestimate the significance of having a personal style. Most people believe that only people who are interested in fashion should pay attention to it. However, everyone should have a personal style. A personal style is your appearance that reflects your personality.

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It can signify your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, profession, and more. But, how can one find their personal style? If you are wondering the same thing, we have something that you will like. Below is a list of 6 easy steps that will help you find your personal style.

Find inspiration

The first thing that you need to do is find inspiration. No, your inspiration is not going to be a simple person, rather a collection of styles and trends. So, what you need to do is head over to Pinterest and start looking at the latest styles or trends. You can go through celebrities as well as models to seek inspiration.

While doing so, you will get an idea of what you are more inclined towards. A tip that can help you is asking yourself questions. Ask yourself what celebrity style you like and then if you would wear it. 

Define your style

The next thing that you need to do is define your style. After scrounging through the internet for references, you will have a brief idea of what you resonate with. Once that is done, you can begin to put your style in labels so you can understand it even more.

Certain questions that can help you define your style in further detail are:

  • Do you like warmer shades or cooler ones?
  • Are you a minimalist, or do you like to go bold?
  • Do you prefer comfort or style?
  • If you like to dress down or dress up?

Check your closet

Your closet must already have clothing items that are your favorite and some that you avoid. Looking at your closet can help you with your style as it will help you reflect on your style in a practical sense. You should begin by clubbing the pieces you like together and the ones you do not.

Doing this will help you find a common element between the things you like. Further, it will let you know what you need to add to your shopping list. Checking your closet is the best way to know what is your personal style that you have unconsciously established already.

Put your style to practice

By now, you must have an elaborate idea of your personal style. So, it is time to put everything that you have tested in your head to practice. You can begin by replicating the outfits that you have seen on others and liked. It is not necessary that you should have the same outfits as the people you are taking inspiration from. Simply wear the same type of clothing.

The next step would be to add your touch to these recreations. Think about what you can do better or what you would like to change. Gradually, you will develop confidence in developing your whole outfits from scratch.

Take a snap of what you like

While you are in the trial process, make sure to capture your journey and see how far you have come. Remember to take a picture of the outfits or looks that you loved. This will allow you to look back and further, improve and develop more into your style. Moreover, these snaps can be used as references at a time when you cannot decide what to wear. So, remember to snap both your good outfits and your bad ones, to improve and get better.

Find your signature piece

A signature piece is something that is uniquely yours or something that you wear regularly. It can be anything from a pair of cat eye glasses or your bright bag. A signature piece is also something that people start associating with you. For many people, their signature piece is something they start regularly wearing unconsciously. However, no rule says you need to do the same as well.


Now you know how significant it is to have a personal style and how you can develop and find your personal style. Make sure you follow these tips, so your outer self represents your inner self. Good Luck!

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