Meagan Good Raises Awareness After Uterine Cancer Scare

Meagan Good Spot Her Campaign

Meagan Good is partnering with organizations to raise awareness after the uterine cancer scare she recently went through. Despite coming out on having a rough time with a divorce from longtime husband Devon Franklin, the ‘Death Saved My Life’ actress still seems to be going through a lot.

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The Megan Good uterine cancer scare began when her gynecologist noticed an irregularity in her uterus during a routine appointment. Meagan described the experience as traumatizing and scary.

Her first thoughts were:

‘What if I hadn’t gone to this appointment? What if I just hadn’t gone this year, and whatever was there did develop and did become cancerous?’ 

The tissue was removed after tests revealed it had the potential to become malignant. This fear has made her more aware of her gynecologic health. 

“I’m not afraid to have open and honest conversations with my friends, family and doctor about gynecologic health and I want to encourage everyone, particularly the Black community, to do the same so more people can identify potential signs of endometrial cancer early. 

Now Meagan Good is focused on raising awareness after the endometrial also known as uterine cancer scare. Particularly, she emphasized the importance of monitoring for troubling symptoms and communicating with a specialist as early as possible. “As women, it’s important that we support each other, speak up about gynecologic symptoms, and advocate for our health when visiting our doctor,” said Meagan Good.

Meanwhile Good is focusing on spreading awareness through the Spot Her® campaign. Further, she is partnering with FORCE, SHARE, Black Health Matters and Eisai Inc. Through Spot Her, she hopes to spread awareness about the signs and risk factors of Uterine cancer.

“I want to make sure we’re encouraging women to not just be reactive, but be proactive—because being proactive can literally be the thing that saves your life.”

Good is publicizing the campaign on her platform so people of all generations and cultures will educate themselves. More importantly, increasing awareness of Uterine cancer so they are able to recognize potential warning signals.

Spot Her Virtual Walk, led by the actor, is to empower women to speak out about endometrial cancer. Eisai will be donating $1 for each mile recorded on the Charity Footprints website or for each usage of #SpotHerforEC on social media. Every participant can go up to 20 miles.

The Spot Her virtual walk will take place from March 30 to June 22, 2022. To participate in the virtual walk, use #SpotHerforEC on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The first 1,000 participants will receive free registration. 

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