Musicians Who Love To Gamble

Musicians Who Love To Gamble

Gambling has become a pleasant hobby for many famous artists. They have favorite casinos in every part of the Earth, where they can relax from concerts and rehearsals. Musicians who love gambling meet their fans at the blackjack tables and play games equally. They even win tournaments and achieve success in several spheres. Gambling is a perfect way to relax for those who spend sleepless nights singing or playing the guitar to amuse their fans on a high level. They are risky enough and have luck both on the stage and in the casino. Musicians who love to gamble have good earnings so they are not afraid of losing concert honorariums (like many ordinary people do).

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It has become a serious hobby for many pop and rap stars. Therefore, AussieBestCasinos experts analyzed the music industry and prepared a story about musicians who love to gamble. So start reading and look at your favorite stars from a new angle.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is not only a talented singer and modern sex symbol but is also on the list of famous musicians who love to gamble. The ex-member of “One Direction” boys band and nowadays a solo singer had an interest in casinos from a very early age. He was refused in an online casino at the age of eighteen because the musician hasn’t achieved the legal gambling age (twenty-one). His favorite amusement is blackjack. Harry Styles attends typical and online casinos just to enjoy gambling atmosphere. He has chosen such a way to relax from concerts. The singer is not addicted to blackjack: he harmonically combines music and this hobby. Thanks to Harry many fans (especially girls) want to try their luck too. He is an example of a good game-life balance.

Frank Sinatra

Pay attention to a person with a wonderful career and a symbol of casino culture. He is a legendary personality, who visited Las Vegas and popularized it here, creating strong bonds between music and playing. Frank Sinatra was a regular guest there when this place wasn’t rich and popular. One of the best-selling musicians came here for hours of American Roulette. He loved the exciting process. The artist has 150 million records sold all over the planet. So his way to relax brought fame to Vegas. Such places then become top casinos for celebrity gamblers. One legend has formed another. It’s magic, isn’t it?


Two time Grammy Award winner, Nelly has achievements both in gambling and music. This singer, songwriter, actor, and businessman has never missed poker tournaments. He often travels to participate in major tournaments such as the Pokerstars European Poker Tour. And in order to successfully perform on them, he often trains in online casinos. For example, you can do this successfully in casino Classic. This is a great option for both stars and regular players. Gambling is a serious hobby. He traveled a lot not only for any concert tour but also to take part in a poker tour. Nelly played the main event at the World Series of Poker in 2007. The talented person is talented in all possible spheres.

Musicians Love To Gamble

Justin Bieber

This Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor has achieved popularity from a very early age. Justin Bieber has never missed an opportunity to spend some time playing. And is often noticed by paparazzi in different locations for gambling (usually in Texas and London). He likes poker in the morning with the public at Leicester Square Casino and not only there. The guy spends exactly 200 pounds for one visit. Gambling is Bieber’s way to relax and have some rest between concerts. He plays mostly for fun, not for cash. It is a chance for people that love to spend some minutes with the star. And get the pleasure of course near famous casino game players. One more reason to visit casinos and try your luck in all senses of this world.

Lady Gaga

The legend was noticed pokering with a company. She spends her leisure time in all possible famous casinos of the world. One of the most memorable songs from Lady Gaga’s albums is “Poker Face”. It became the best-selling single in 2009. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you’ll notice a lot of gambling terms used as metaphors. The lyric heroine is acting against her lover. She couldn’t create such a masterpiece without her love of gambling. Lady Gaga has popularized her hobby in such a way. So it can inspire celebrities to do something great and unforgettable. The aforementioned track is not a song that was forgotten in a year, lots of admirers are listening to it many years after.


The stars are risky enough and are not afraid of losing money. Some of them play just to relax (like Justin Bieber or Harry Styles). Famous musicians who love to gamble make the industry popular. It inspires songwriters with wonderful lyrics, this fact is proven by pop singer Lady Gaga. Nelly is an example of a player that has success both in music and gaming. So limits exist only in our heads. Musicians can participate in any American and European poker tour. Casino games are a new reality that helps to get rid of stress at work and to change the atmosphere. It is a pleasant hobby that can even become serious for musical artists. Thanks to gambling many fans have fulfilled their dreams to communicate with a star from the music industry at the blackjack tables or near slot machines. Not only on tour – buy tickets. To conclude it should be recognized that all the musicians from the list try to have excellent game-life balance.

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