Social Media Reacts To Resurfaced Video of Paula Patton Cooking Fried Chicken

Paula Patton Fried Chicken

Social media proved exactly how ruthless it could be.  On a slow news day, Twitter apparently had time today.  A video of Paula Patton cooking fried chicken on her Instagram resurfaced as someone decided to do some commentary about Paula’s apparent lack of cleaning the meat and lack of seasoning.

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It only went downhill from there.  Here’s the original video of Paula Patton cooking fried chicken, posted by Paula on her social media.  Paula was frying the chicken for her son’s school back in March.

And here’s the reaction video of Paula Patton cooking fried chicken:

Social media was quick to bring up Paula’s ex husband, Robin Thicke, with some sympathizing with the singer and the possible struggles he faced.

Here are some more Twitter reactions

Everyone wasn’t willing to give Robin Thicke a pass however:

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