18 Year Old Arrested For Threatening to Kill Fulton County Sheriff & Wife Over Young Thug Case

An 18-year-old boy name Quartavius Mender was arrested for threatening to kill Fulton County Sheriff and his wife over the Young Thug case.

The Story

The 18-year-old, Quartavius Mender, went on Patrick Labat’s (Fulton County Sheriff) social media pages and threatened to kill him and his wife. Labat didn’t take Mender’s threats lightly. So, Quartavius Mender was booked into the Fulton County jail last week on 23 counts of making terroristic threats, according to ABC News.

Quartavius Mender went on Patrick Labat’s social media and posted, “#freethug or Imma sh00t u and your wife.” He then allegedly wrote on the sheriff’s Instagram page hours later saying “Imma assassinate you,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He’s being held without bail. Among the people charged in the racketeering Young Thug case is Tenquarius Mender. No one has confirmed if he’s related to Quartavius.

One thing for sure is that Patrick Labat and the Fulton County Sheriff’s department are making an example out of Mender for cyberbullying. Labat said in a statement, “We take these kinds of brazen threats seriously,” Labat said in a statement. “Social media cyberbullying, and hiding behind a keyboard, will not protect someone from criminal prosecution, ” according to Huff Post.

The latest development in the Young Thug case is that he was denied bail, according to TMZ.

Social Media Reactions 

Fans are one thing but it looks like Quartavius Mender took fandom to a whole ‘nother level with the Young Thug case. Even Young Thug fans were not feeling Mender’s behavior.






How do you feel about Quartavius Mender’s arrest? Are the police going too far with the Young Thug case? Let us know in the comments.


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