Top 10 Adventures at Desert Safari in Dubai

Adventures at Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and the epitome of luxury and indulgence. Enjoy the glittering skyline and indulge in the exotic nightlife with Dubai’s marvelous desert safaris. Stay in a traditional Arabic tent amidst the diverse nature and submerge yourself in offbeat experiences. To help you plan a memorable Dubai trip, we have listed the top 10 adventures you can indulge in at the desert safaris.

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  • Experience Sunrise Amidst the Dubai Desert Dunes

The great Arabian desert changes hues all day and the best time to go is undoubtedly when the sun comes up. Witness the magnificent view of the sun at the horizon and bask in the golden hour. It is the most photogenic moment the desert will be in throughout the day and will surely be a hit on social media.

  • Explore the Arabian Desert and Bash the Dunes

The vast Arabian Desert is filled with sandy dunes that form a great base for going dune bashing. Dubai is all for luxuries and style, and what better way to go dune bashing than in a 4×4 SUV or powerful ATV bike? Move through the gusty winds and sand for some exciting and memorable moments. If you are seeking the ultimate thrill and adventure, you can buy the Hummer Desert Safari package. You can also pay additional charges to experience a luxurious dinner buffet and indulge in scrumptious authentic Arabian cuisine.

  • Stroll in the Desert On a Camel

Camels are the oldest mode of transport in deserts and are known as the ships of the desert. A 45-minute momentous camel ride will take you across the desert along the footsteps of Bedouin travelers to view the scenic and magnificent falcon show. You can ride the camel convoy and explore the diverse wildlife as you tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The authorities at the Falcon show allow tourists to photograph themselves with the beautiful bird.

  • Ride the Desert Sand and Experience the Thrill of Skiing

Dubai’s seamless stretch of the Arabian sand offers a great opportunity for sand skiing. A one-of-a-kind adventure sport which is quite exciting and provides an adventurous opportunity. You can also find several dunes which are as high as 200-300 meters and are ideal for skiing. You can also learn it from professionals and glide down the dunes to have fun in the desert.

  • Ride an ATV and Go Quad Biking in the Deserts

The Arabian Desert has a hoard of thrilling activities in store for you. If you want to explore the desert like a professional and ride around the dunes, quad biking is the perfect activity. Quad biking is one of the top activities for adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. You can also add in a delectable dinner desert safari for an all-around memorable experience.

  • Witness Panoramic Views of the Arabian Desert in a Hot Air Balloon

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush and want to witness panoramic views of the magnificent Arabian desert, a ride on a Hot Air Balloon is the ultimate activity for you. Experience the perfect 360-degree view of the large desert and spot the diverse wildlife all around the area. If you’re lucky enough, you can spot gazelles too.

  • Chase the Sky’s Golden Hues and Magnificent Dubai Sunset

If you’re not a morning person, do not fret. Dubai’s setting sun is as glorious as its rising one and the golden hues are bound to stay in your mind for years. Witness the orange-ish hue of the sun as it disappears behind the massive dunes. You can also ride a Range Rover to one of the dunes and enjoy the huge background views. Click some shots and rule social media for weeks to come.

  • Enjoy Dubai’s Glamorous Nightlife

Dubai’s deserts are also famous for the different activities happening all night. You can witness fire eating, swirling, belly dancing, and other irreplaceable exotic activities. Set up a luxury tent and relish the delectable Arab cuisine all night. You can also set up a bonfire and lay in the sand to watch the night sky.

  • Participate in a Buffet and Night BBQ

Arab cuisine is known to provide a burst of flavor that will surely stay with you. Relish the evergreen kebabs, hummus, and other items straight from Iranian and Lebanese cuisine.

  • Night Safari

If you want a romantic escapade, Dubai’s night sky and deserts provide the perfect opportunity. Enjoy the views in the cool temperature and surprise your partner with memories of a lifetime with the overnight desert safari packages


Dubai is all about luxury, style, and culture, and offers a range of activities that you can indulge in. We hope the article helped you shortlist some adventures for your next trip to Dubai!

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