Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Asking for Help to Pay Her Bills??? Here’s What We Know!

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Xzibit’s estranged wife, Krista Joiner, is asking for over another $230,000 to help pay her legal fees and bills as their divorce proceedings continue.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Joiner has claimed that Xzibit has more than enough money to help cover her $230,000 worth of expenses and pointed to his multiple streams of income, including his thriving cannabis business.

Joiner additionally called out the sale of their $579,000 house and calculated his jewelry collection to be worth an astounding $845,000. She even said he should sell his $350,000 2018 Rezvani Jeep too.

Krista filed for divorce from Xzibit — born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner — in 2021 following seven years of marriage. The former couple had been together since 2001 and had two kids together but one tragically passed away 11 days after birth.

Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Krista Joiner Says She Needs Help with Her Legal Fees

She continued to explain to the court that she is behind on legal bills and needs financial assistance since she’s unemployed and trying to find a job while “having to devote much of her time to these divorce proceedings and taking care of their son.”

Krista claimed she owed about $200,000 in loans to credit card companies and friends as she plans to reportedly file for bankruptcy in the near future.

Earlier this year, the court awarded her $6,000 in combined child support for their 10-year-old son Gatlyn and spousal support payments per month from Xzibit. Joiner demanded an increase in monthly support to $14,000 in February.

Krista added that Xzibit allegedly hasn’t even attempted to contact their son since October 2022.

“I believe the last time he actually saw Gatlyn was around [Xzibit’s] own birthday in September 2022,” the documents read. “Gatlyn called [Xzibit] on Christmas and [Xzibit] refused to answer or call him back. Our son is devastated.”

The former Pimp My Ride host has since moved on from Krista and began a new relationship with a woman named Valoree in 2021.


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However, Krista went on to say Xzibit’s latest tax returns show he pulled in $45,000 a month, despite having previously claimed he made $25,000 a month. She added that Xzibit refuses to pay for their health insurance, and said he also stopped making Gatlyn’s tuition payments for school.

“Meanwhile, we see on [Xzibit’s] social media posts that he is frequently on tour in exotic countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand, only in the last few months,” Krista wrote.

Xzibit had initially asked the judge not to award his ex any spousal support due to issues with his finances caused by the pandemic, with tours and appearances being shuttered. However, Krista alleged the rapper’s brother Jason told her Xzibit makes over $1 million a month from his cannabis business.

The rapper commented on the allegations at the time in a since-deleted Instagram post, and referred to Krista’s claims as “bullshit” while adding “there will be blood” on her hands for spreading rumors.

What do you guys think? Is Xzibit’s estranged wife Krista Joiner owed assistance from him with her bills and legal fees? Let us know in the comments!

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