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[INTERVIEW] Raven Robinson Celebrates 15 Years of Delivering Exposure With PR2Politics

Raven Robinson Interview
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Raven Robinson knew she wanted to help people find their voice and their message from a young age. She also had a keen sense, and an intrigue around politics.  She quickly found a way to bridge the gap between the two.  Her company, PR2Politics has been going strong for over 15 years now, helping provide a needed boost for entrepreneurs, politicians and organizations, along the way.  She shares her motivation and her story in our Raven Robinson interview.

Parlé Mag: How would you describe what you do to someone who had never heard of the
Raven Robinson: I bring exposure to people who are chasing their dreams.

Parlé: What inspired you to get into the business and what was your path getting into the
Raven Robinson: I felt inspired by having a job that allowed me to use my informal social skills and networking.

Parlé: What was your first win that motivated you to keep going?
Raven Robinson: Seeing candidates win, or become noticed because of me. When I read comments on fundraising campaigns for clients and donors say, “I saw you on the news” or “keep up the great work.”

Parlé: What have been some of the obstacles as a black entertainment/media professional?
Raven Robinson: Many people do not want to pay black media professionals their worth. Additionally I often hear “we aren’t good writers,” and that is far from the truth!

Parlé: Any regrets or things you would change about your journey?
Raven Robinson: Not being confident in myself, it allowed people to take advantage.

Raven Robinson Interview parle mag

Parlé: What’s something you wish you knew early on in your journey/something you would
share with yourself if you could go back?
Raven Robinson: To know when to say no, and to set boundaries.

Parlé: Anything that you would change about the industry overall?
Raven Robinson: Yes, less photo opps and more deliverables!

Parlé: What are you currently working on/goals for the coming months?
Raven Robinson: I am looking to release an audio book.

Parlé: What’s a current challenge keeping you up at night or simply impacting your success?
Raven Robinson: Being able to pay a team of people 6 figures. I have help, but because
they need to work other jobs they cant be as dedicated to my business.

Raven Robinson interview PR2PoliticsParlé: What advice would you give an upcoming media/entertainment professional?
Raven Robinson: Focus on your niche, do not try to be trendy. When I wanted to do social impact and political work it was not as popular, but now it is the in thing and I am a thought leader in the realm.

Parlé: What’s a recent milestone you would like to share?
Raven Robinson: Celebrating my 15th anniversary party! It felts so good to plan something directly for my own brand.

Parlé: What’s still on your bucket list? Business and/or personal.
Raven Robinson: Business paying a staff of 6 figure earners. Personally running for political office.

Parlé: What do you envision is next for you?
Raven Robinson: I envision me consulting with major brands on their social impact.

Parlé: How do you define success and how do you measure that for yourself?
Raven Robinson: I measure my success in how am able to propel others.

Parlé: Do you think about legacy? And if so, what does that mean to/for you in your
Raven Robinson: I do, and it is all about creating initiatives that can outlive me.

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