K. Michelle Interview – Perseverance Is Key

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Our Interview with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Star & R&B Singer, K. Michelle

With the premier of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, viewers and music lovers were reintroduced to K. Michelle. The “I Just Can’t Do This” singer had a hit on her hands, a budding singing career on the rise and then a sudden disappearance. A one-hit wonder would come to mind but perseverance, natural talent and the will to survive has trumped that notion. Using her newfound fame K. Michelle has released a new mixtape entitled, 0 F**ks Given, helping to solidify her strong character in this harsh music industry. Speaking with Parlé Magazine, K. Michelle talks about personal growth, the reality show and the release of the mixtape.


Parlé Magazine: Take us on a brief journey of how you got into the industry.
K. Michelle: I got into the industry by singing and being blessed. I’ve been wanting to sing for a long and the devil got his son to sign me. I got away from that and now things are going good.


Parlé: How is it going for you on the show?
K. Michelle: The show has its ups and downs but I knew what I was getting into. More than anything, i’m able to get my truth and my story out.


Parlé: Do you feel like they are depicting you, the way you want the world to know you?
K. Michelle: I’m not perfect and I’m not going to like everything I see on television about me but I did it and I said it. I get to see myself in a way other people are seeing me. I think they are portraying me well and honest.


Parlé: Is the industry a soap opera like the show is making it seem?
K. Michelle: Yes, absolutely, it’s actually worst.


Parlé: Let’s talk about what’s going on with you musically.
K. Michelle: Musically, I’ve been creating a lot of different sounds. I released my mix tape, 0 F**ks Given and I’m trying to find my way. I don’t know if I’m going into a new deal or Broadway, there are a lot of options out there for me and I’m just trying to make the best of what I have.


Parlé: What’s the premise of the mixtape?
K. Michelle: The mixtape is honest, the music I love and right in your face.


Parle: Do you think you’ve grown or have more growing to do?
K. Michelle: I think I have grown but still more to do because there are still things about me that needs to be worked on.


Parlé: Are you taking advantage of the viewership?
K. Michelle: I’m definitely doing that because I’ve been singing for years and now more people are paying attention.

K. Michelle

Parlé: What type of message are you trying to send?
K. Michelle: I don’t want people to follow in my footsteps but I’m human so I have a lot for young girls to learn and understand from me. Yet I have things that I don’t want young girls to do and I think that’s the total package of a human.


Parlé: How are you able to keep your morals intact?
K. Michelle: Once I stand by something and I believe in it then that is what I believe in. You can’t change my point of view or who I am, I have morals but I’m a very nontraditional thinker in a lot of things. I have been able to maintain who I am because how I was raised and grown.


Parlé: Thank you for your time.


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