Jo’zzy – Timbaland’s Protégé Brings Dope Feeling Back

Being born in the 90’s certainly touched the new up and coming triple-threat artist Jo’zzy aka @dopebyaccident in a special way. She’s the protégé’ of super producer Timbaland and a talented singer/songwriter/rapper. Not only is the 90’s an inspiration and influence, but a way of life for this 24 year old; whose real name is Jocelyn Donald. She says of new single “Tryna Wife”, “It’s just nostalgic music and only the beginning. Some of today’s R&B and Hip-Hop can be so watered down and cookie-cutter, but my style of music makes you think of the 90’s.”

The graduate of University of Memphis says she never had a plan B. Music has always been her life, but she attended college by the strong request of her parents and majored in Journalism. Music, being in her blood literally was the reason she chose not to major in Music. She felt that no one could teach her any thing about music that she didn’t already know. Her mother, also a musical talent is a huge driving force in her life. She decided early on to follow in her mother’s footsteps, writing her first song at age eleven, calling it, “Falling in Love,” about a childhood crush.

When asked about her songwriting methodology, she confessed that the sight of writing rooms at studios make her cringe. She prefers to freestyle on the track and the music just writes itself.

The first time she heard her song on the radio, expectedly, it was unbelievable.  She called her friends, family and had time to announce it on all her social media outlets because Power 99 launched it with a repetitive replay. She loves to hear people talking about her music and reading their posts on Instagram when they hear her songs. She’s continuing to work on more projects and is currently working on a five to six song mixtape with producer Wizz Dumb.

Jo’zzy Brings That Dope Feeling

Jo’zzy has aspirations of touring soon and touching the people with her music. When narrowing down who she’d like to work with next she had this to say, “I’m loving that A$AP Rocky moment, so ideally I’d like to tour with them or almost anyone.” In a perfect world, Jo’zzy says her dream collaboration project would be with Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and Missy Elliott and a separate one with Drake.

No conversation would be complete without bringing up that dope Jo’zzy fashion sense. She’s admittedly a dopey, meaning a person that has a certain dopeness to them! Whether it’s style, personality, or just all around. Her stylish hat collection is quickly becoming her signature mark and she says she loves layering and putting things on whether it be a cap, hat, scarf or turban. Stylists Brooklyn out of L.A. and Jo’zzy’s friend Chavely out of Miami always bring out the dopeness in her attire for photo shoots, videos and personal appearances.

Within a very short time, Jo’zzy the self-proclaimed singer disguised as a rapper has blown up all over Miami. The love she received from the Broward-side makes Miami feel like a home away from home. For those trying to follow in her footsteps, her advice is very simple, “Just keep going! When it gets rough, that means you’re getting closer.”

Want to know more about Jo’zzy? Check her music and videos out—you’ll find them on iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify and “Tryna Wife” just premiered on RevoltTV.

Visit her at and follow her @dopebyaccident on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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