Lonzo Ball Signature Shoe Revealed, Priced At $495


Big Baller Brand Unveils Zo2 Shoe Line

Lavar Ball has unveiled the signature Zo2 shoe line for his Big Baller Brand.  The signature sneaker, designed for his eldest son, Lonzo Ball, is the Zo2 Prime. The sneaker retails at $495.00!!!

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The Zo2 Prime is the lead sneaker from the Zo2 shoe line. The Zo2 Prime has a “microfiber python texture” in matte black and what the company website describes as a “Delorean finish.”

A Lonzo Ball-autographed pair of the shoes, in the “Wet” color scheme, are being sold for $995.

Sandals, called the Zo2 Slides with Lonzo Ball’s logo on the top are $220 per pair.

According to the website, all sales of the ZO2 are final and there could be a wait for fans to get a pair. The website says there will be no refunds or exchanges and that the shoes would be shipped by Nov. 24.

The Big Baller Brand sells its gear on its website, with shirts and hats ranging from $38 to $100.

Lavar Ball has spent the Spring on an unprecedented promo tour… for himself.  Lonzo Ball who is expected to be one of, if not the top pick in the draft really has let talent speak for itself. While he wasn’t able to take his team very far in the NCAA Tournament, his play over the season was enough to make teams want to build around him.  Lavar Ball on the other hand may  have teams second guessing themselves ahead of the draft.

Last week after several meetings we found out that none of the major sneaker brands (Nike, Addidas, Reebok or Under Armour) were interested in doing business with Ball or his sons because his asking price was too high.  Ball was reportedly looking for a billion dollar deal for Lonzo and the deal would also require that the company license the Big Baller Brand.  The Zo2 shoe line was also presented in the meetings.

The most expensive Jordan sneaker ever was priced at $400.00.


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