Cardi B and Kay Flock Video Spark Social Media Drama

Cardi B and Kay Flock

Cardi B and Kay Flock video spark social media drama. Cardi B had to shut haters down on social media after rumors of copying Nicki Minaj’s video circulated.

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Something must have been in the air on March 30th because both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B shot music videos in New York City. Both rappers are known for their mutual dislike for each other, especially after Cardi B threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj during a Fashion Week party in New York City.

According to All Hip Hop, “Nicki Minaj reportedly filmed a music video for her single “We Go Up” featuring Fivio Foreign. Apparently, Cardi B shot visuals with Kay Flock affiliate Dougie B on the same day. Social media users accused Cardi B of stealing from Nicki Minaj’s aesthetic because the “MotorSport” collaborators both recorded music videos in NYC surrounded by local residents.”

She decided to take to Instagram to shut down the haters and pull receipts. Cardi B and Kay Flock already had this collaboration in the making. The caption read:

“Y’all be trynna play wit my body like I won’t come wit receipts! My bad I had to rehearse for a movie for 2 months , shoot Facebook,go to Europe and close deals MY BAD @dougieb___ and cardi was in LA workin and we finally in NY our home to shoot this 🔥! Don’t play wit me I Move on my timing and I BEEN DONE THIS …talk all y’all shit make sure y’all tune in to TOUCH THE GROWN !!! And FREE FUCKIN KAY FLOCK!!”

Additionally, Cardi B took to Twitter and tweeted, “Annoyed…You can do 100 things for people and that one time you don’t do something for them they will throw it in your face.”

It’s unclear exactly who her tweet was directed toward but it’s clear that Cardi B has had enough of people playing in her face and creating false narratives about her success.

Despite the drama, Cardi celebrated a historic milestone of becoming the first woman to have each song on an album (Invasion of Privacy) go RIAA-certified platinum, according to the Daily Mail. Congratulations, Cardi B.

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