Fan Rejects DaBaby’s Kiss – Social Media Reacts

DaBaby charged with felony battery

Fan Rejects DaBaby’s Kiss. DaBaby tries to kiss a fan on April 4th and she was not having it.

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The video of the fan rejecting DaBaby’s kiss is going viral and so are the reactions. Chile….









Heavy sigh DaBaby is in the news per usual doing DaMost and offending others in the process. While this behavior is a little shocking, it’s not a surprise given Dababy’s past situations with DaniLeigh, Megan Thee Stallion and his rant about men sucking dick in the parking lot on stage.

The fact that a fan rejected DaBaby’s kiss could open up a conversation about celebrities and their entitlement to women’s bodies or it just maybe another day in the life of DaBaby violating someone without real remorse or change in sight. Let’s hope DaBaby tries to only kiss people who actually want to be kissed moving forward and that the fan (well ex fan) in the video is okay.

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