Donald Glover interviewing Donald Glover is probably one of the most interesting things you’re going to read this year.

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Interview Magazine published Donald Glover interviewing Donald Glover on April 7th. During the interview, he spoke about many things including how influential his album Because The internet actually is, his new upcoming series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, raising his boys and cancel culture.

However, the most talked-about piece of his interview, besides it being weird, was when he asked himself if he was afraid of Black women and mentioned he felt like he was using black women to question his Blackness. Yes, you read that right.

While he didn’t answer the question, Twitter had some thoughts:


Donald Glover has gotten a lot of criticism over the years for his take on Blackness and having a white wife. So, perhaps he asked himself “are you afraid of Black women” to troll people or to get a conversation going about a subject that genuinely bothers him.

Either way, Donald Glover interviewing Donald Glover has social media talking. Let’s see if one day he will actually answer if he’s afraid of Black women publicly.

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