Meet Desi Banks, One of the New Headliners of the Comedy Game

Comedian Desi Banks

Our comedians are going through a lot right now, especially our Black men! It seems like no one can take a joke these days, but that is not slowing this young brother down at all! Meet Desi Banks, a comedian who is on fire!

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Desi Terrell Banks, Jr. was born on May 09, 1993, in Atlanta, GA.  He graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in sociology before making a major play in the world of comedy. Banks started out on the app Vine, making short 1-minute entertainment videos. He is best known for attracting his audience through videos about trending topics and life experiences, and this unique idea helped him become one of the top rising stars on social media to date!

Once Banks had his audience secured, he moved on to posting his content on YouTube, helping his publicity grow. His most popular YouTube video is “When Your Friend Fresh Out of Jail“, with over 11 million views. Desi still posts these types of videos on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Desi began doing stand-up comedy in 2021 and did a few tours like the “No Remorse” comedy tour with Mike Epps and the “You’re My Boyfriend Tour” with B. Simone.  His set is very good. I saw him in Greensboro, NC last summer and he was amazing!

Banks has always had a passion for acting, which comes through in his videos, so he opened Desi Banks Production which has produced over 2000 original videos and gives other creators an opportunity to showcase their talents in creating content.

You can watch Desi in the 2019 movie Little, with Regina Hall and Issa Rae. He also starred in the movie Haunted Trail in 2021.

Currently, you can catch Desi on the Beyond the Internet Tour, and visit him on his social media platforms to wish him a happy birthday! I can’t wait to see what video he’ll share with us to celebrate!



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