Ashanti Talks About New Single/Movie And Upcoming Documentary

Ashanti, a multiplatinum singer, actress, and CEO of Written Entertainment is in the process of re-recording her eponymous debut album. In a conversation with Billboard, Ashanti outlined her plan for the rest of the year, and much of it consisted of projects within and outside music. Ashanti also talks about her new single/movie and upcoming documentary.

Talking about her new song ‘falling for you’  in an interview with Darlene Aderoju, Ashanti says; “We’re shooting the video for the single very soon, and it should be out this summer. He leaked it and wrote it on Instagram. ‘I know she’s going to be mad at me.’ I was mad (laughs.) it’s a very Ashanti, heartfelt song but still witty, and you can bob your head to it”

Regarding her not participating in the BET’s Murder Inc. Documentary, Ashanti says “I’m working on my own documentary. It’s better coming from me and my experiences.”  She said her mom is the original manager, and she has footage that the world has not seen that is “so sacred.”

Ashanti believes people will be floored by the footage and stories that have not been told before.


She responds to questions about owning the masters to her debut album. Ashanti explained that after 20 years, she got the right to rerecord her Universal (Music Group) albums and material and own these new masters. The singer stated that she is currently recording her first album.

The ‘Foolish’ singer says they were definitely obstacles to gaining her rights to rerecord. However,  her strong legal team aided her and ensured she did everything correctly.

Ashanti says Taylor Swift inspires her. “It is really important as an artist to continue to spread the ownership narrative, I love what Taylor Swift did”.

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