The Dos And Don’ts of Using An E-cigarette For The First Time

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Even though there is a lot of mixed information and many differing viewpoints on using electronic cigarettes, many individuals use them regularly.  

The use of e-cigarettes has become more sought-after among smokers who have set their hearts on quitting conventional tobacco. Resorting to an e-cigarette may be an excellent tool for reducing nicotine cravings yet diminishing the inhalation of additional toxins and chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

To begin using an e-cigarette or a vape device, know that the experience will slightly differ from smoking tobacco. Although it is not a complicated process – it may take a while for newbies to get accustomed. 

To learn how to do it right, read on as we list the main dos and don’ts of using an e-cigarette for the first time. 


Do Purchase a High-Quality Device

Whether you are only trying it out for the first time and don’t intend to keep using it for long – a quality e-cigarette is still necessary to get you started on the right foot. Quality e-cigarettes can be easily found online, and you can discover a variety of vapes on Provape, alongside beginner kits that fit everyone’s budget. 

Investing in a reputable brand gives you a better overall experience and a valuable deal for your budget and vaping needs.


Do Ensure That You Keep E-Cigarette Clean

As a rule of thumb, cleaning your vape device regularly is the most crucial step to a satisfying e-cigarette experience. Often, the e-liquids may be affected by the buildup of residue in your tank and change the overall taste of your vape. As a rule, you should clean your tank anytime you change your e-liquid. At the very least, drain it and give it a good soak in warm water once a month.

Easy-to-clean atomizers include those with 510 mouthpieces that can be removed and replaced and those with changeable glass tanks, which allow switching out e-juice faster. 


Do Keep Your E-Liquids Safely Stored

An extended shelf life doesn’t imply you can keep your e-liquids out in the open. You must know how to store vape juice correctly to preserve its taste. The ideal practice is to keep your vape juices out of direct sunlight, meaning you should store your vape juice in a dark and cool place. Also, don’t forget to seal your e-liquid container tightly, to prevent leakage and potential loss of aroma.


Do Some Study on the Different Nicotine Concentrations

Vaping with nicotine salts is common for many smokers and may alleviate their tobacco cravings. Before using a vape, make sure you do thorough research on which nicotine strength level is the best for you.


Don’t Forget to Recharge Your E-Cigarette Regularly.

Those new to e-cigarettes often forget to charge their devices because they are unfamiliar with the process. You will better understand how often you need to recharge your gadget after using it for some time. 

To begin with, make sure you’re routinely charging your device to ensure that it doesn’t run out of power. Also, avoid charging your vaping device during sleeping since you might damage its battery.


Don’t Forget to Hydrate Regularly

If you often use e-cigarettes, your mouth might get dry. A vaper’s tongue is less likely to occur if you are well hydrated when vaping. Propylene Glycol is a common chemical in e-liquid that may cause dehydration when inhaled during vaping. It will deprive your body of vital hydration, so you should consume more water than usual.

Don’t wait for the thirst to kick in to hydrate yourself. Dehydration from e-cigarette use is prevalent among newbies. You will get the hang of staying hydrated while you vape with practice.


Don’t Become a Chain Vaper

Chain vaping, or taking many drags over a short period, is common among those trying to give up smoking and who have moved to vaping. You will burn your coils more quickly, and you may get dry hits. You might damage your equipment if you continue to vape even when you feel your vape device is overheating.

Your wicks must be saturated to avoid a dry impact. A good general principle is to wait 15 to 30 seconds before taking another puff. Thirty seconds may seem like an eternity to someone attempting to kick the smoking habit. In this case, you can purchase e-liquid with greater nicotine content. This will ensure that you have enough nicotine in your system to last for 30 seconds without needing another dose.


Don’t Disregard Smoking Bans

Some venues allow individuals to smoke cigarettes in designated areas. However, there may still be limitations for those who use e-cigarettes. Vaping in enclosed areas is a terrible idea because of the heavier clouds produced by vape devices. Smoking in confined areas is allowed at vape stores, although they are more concerned about those who smoke cigarettes. 

It might be difficult for ex-smokers who use e-cigarettes to stop smoking to be around active smokers. 


Don’t Relapse into Smoking Again

Whatever you do, try not to go back to cigarettes while vaping, especially if quitting smoking is your main objective. No news is that tobacco smoking has many more harmful side effects and hazardous components than e-cigarettes. It is counterproductive to go back and forth between vaping and smoking cigarettes to stop smoking.

If you are craving a cigarette’s nicotine rush, swap your e-liquid for one with more robust nicotine content. Using this method, you’ll be able to get the same nicotine rush without having to return to smoking.

It is possible to progressively lower the nicotine content of your vape juice until you no longer have nicotine dependence. This is one of the most successful methods of quitting smoking, although it requires time and patience, particularly if you have been smoking for a prolonged period.

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